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Cold Jet MicroParticle Technology

The Future of Dry Ice Cleaning

Welcome to the next generation of dry ice cleaning. This patented technology generates more particles striking the surface than traditional pellet blasting, and therefore more coverage and a faster clean. MicroParticles require less air and are less aggressive than dry ice pellets, resulting in a quieter and softer clean.

  • More particles striking the surface = faster and easier clean
  • Smaller particles = cleaning deeper, safer and with precision
  • More particles + smaller particles = less air/ice required for the deepest clean

Cold Jet’s patented shaved dry ice technology provides the deepest clean for many applications. By shaving dry ice media into the finest MicroParticles, more particles enter the air stream and strike the surface per second than traditional methods, quickly eroding the contaminant away and providing the fast clean. The sugar-sized, shaved MicroParticles will enter the hardest-to-reach places and are small and delicate enough to pass through sensitive materials, like vents, for a deep clean without worry of damaging the surface.

Managing consumables is important and shaving MicroParticles saves both time and money. It requires less compressed air and dry ice media than traditional pellet systems. When compared to 3mm pellets, MicroParticles clean more aggressively at lower air pressures. Due to the particle size, less compressed air is needed to propel the shaved MicroParticles to peak velocities – this also results in a much quieter clean. In addition, the improved particle coverage and particle strikes per square inch with MicroParticles reduce the amount of dry ice required.

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What about Fragmenting Pellets?

While fragmenting or “splitting” standard 3mm pellets can provide an option of cleaning with smaller particles, fragmented pellets are not as efficient as shaved MicroParticles and also increase the risk of damaging the surface. Fragmentation requires a 3mm pellet to crash into a surface in the blast air stream to break the pellet into smaller pieces. This impact not only causes some dry ice to sublimate and disappear before exiting the nozzle, but it also requires higher amounts of compressed air to overcompensate for the loss in velocity. This leads to more ice usage and additional compressed air requirements. Unlike the more consistent sugar-sized MicroParticles, fragmented pellets can be jagged and vary much more in size, increasing your risk of damaging delicate sections of the cleaning surface.

MicroParticle Cleaning Systems

Cold Jet believes that dry ice cleaning and surface preparation is a holistic solution that incorporates core technology, performance accessories and the specific application. Our team of innovators continues to simplify and solve the toughest application problems while providing the safest, lightest and most ergonomic user experience. From custom nozzles to fully automated robotic cleaning systems, our experienced engineers can solve your toughest cleaning and decontamination challenges. With more worldwide system integration and automation experience than any other dry ice blast cleaning manufacturer, we pride ourselves on ingenuity and innovation.

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