Dry Ice Blasting for Contract Cleaning

Contract cleaners grow their businesses with dry ice blasting


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Dry ice blasting is an ideal solution for contract cleaners.

Dry ice blasting for contract cleaning is an environmentally sustainable and non-abrasive alternative to traditional cleaning methods. It is a faster and more effective process that does not produce secondary waste, which minimizes containment setup and eliminates the timely and costly task of waste collection and disposal.

By utilizing dry ice blasting machine, contractors perform projects with less people and in less time, improving the bottom line. Dry ice cleaning is used for a wide range of projects and for general maintenance and facility cleaning in a multitude of industries around the world.

A more effective solution to your cleaning, remediation and restoration projects

The unique characteristics of dry ice make it the perfect cleaning media for contractors. Dry ice is non-abrasive and will not damage surfaces, non-toxic and safe for operators, environmentally sustainable and eliminates the use of caustic chemicals. Dry ice also sublimates (turns from solid back to gas) upon contact with a surface, leaving no secondary waste stream that must be contained, collected and disposed. These characteristics allow contract cleaners to improve margins on a wide range of projects.

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  • Mold remediation
  • General facility cleaning and maintenance
  • Power generation facilities
  • Fire restoration
  • Historical restoration
  • Comprehensive facility cleaning during shutdowns
  • Food and beverage facilities
  • Oil and gas facilities

Our machines provide long-term value at lower costs

dry ice blasting machine lineup

Not all dry ice blasters are created equal. When making a capital investment, it is important to consider the expected return on investment (ROI) as well as the revenue the machine can generate. With Cold Jet machines, our customers achieve a quicker ROI and generate more value from their investment.

  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Quickest ROI with optimal use
  • Highest performing machines
  • Longest machine life
  • Only machines to be IoT enabled
  • Unmatched accessory offerings
  • Lowest consumable consumption (dry ice, air pressure supply and electricity)

Case Studies

Proven technology producing definable results

Our solutions are driving real results in our customers’ organizations

Restoration & Remediation

Dry ice blasting removes soot and smoke damage while deodorizing surfaces

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Contract Cleaning

Contractor safely removes asphalt from construction vehicles without water or chemicals

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Power Generation

Hydroelectric generators quickly and delicately cleaned by contract cleaner

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Contract Cleaning

Mold removed from attic and crawl space without chemicals

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Contract Cleaning

Dry ice blasting helps contractor improve industrial robot cleaning process

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We are local. Everywhere. All the time.

Preserving the integrity of our machines is of paramount importance to maintaining their durability. That’s why we have invested heavily in our customer service platform. Our team will ensure that each customer’s investment retains its quality and high performance throughout its life span. No brand comes close to matching our level of service or resources.

  • 13 service centers located in 10 countries
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Largest install base of human technical resources
  • Cold Jet CONNECT®Remotely monitor and diagnose each machine
  • Largest inventory of spare parts
  • We are the OEMWe designed and engineered the systems and parts – we know how to find solutions


Driving results for our customers

When you come in with something non-abrasive, they absolutely love it because they know that, when you’re blasting a tough piece of debris, you’re not damaging their equipment.

Wes Donaldson
Owner | Go Green Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting has made a significant impact on our entire robot refurbishing process. Cold Jet’s dry ice blast cleaning process allows us to clean effectively without damaging any of the robots’ components. It is much faster than the tedious and time-consuming solvent alternative and saves us time on the initial cleaning of the robots.

Matt Schrift
Shop Manager | RobotWorx

While the architect had first asked for soda blasting, we knew it would cost twice as much. With dry ice cleaning, there is no secondary waste and no extra setup to contain any contaminants. In addition, with the historic details on this monument, we felt that dry ice cleaning would be the right answer.

Bobbi Monacelli
Owner | USCleanBlast.com

The project was on schedule and incredibly fast. We saved at least three to four days when compared with sand or corn blasting and two days of sanding time. The log home looks brand new – it came out 110%.

Vinni Bonazza
Owner | Bonazza Dry Ice Blasting

A huge advantage with dry ice cleaning is that it doesn’t add moisture to the wood components, which is what is facilitating the mold growth in the first place. Plus, the dry ice blasting better prepares the surface for later application of the mold resistant coating.

Dr. Neal Adrian
Owner | Adrian Environmental

I like the dry ice cleaning process and the Cold Jet machine couldn’t be any more user-friendly. It’s fast and effective and saves a lot of time on the cleanup. I would absolutely use it again.

Mark Jones
President | U.S. Flood Team
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