Dry Ice Blasting Applications:

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment for Weld Line Cleaning

Improve efficiency and accuracy of automated weld lines

Dry ice blasting eliminates misalignment, breakdowns and scrap by effectively removing weld slag, spatter, resin, smoke, oil and dampering adhesive buildup from robots, production equipment and ancillary equipment.  Are you looking for a better way to approach weld line cleaning?  Our dry ice blasting equipment can help!

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Non-abrasive dry ice cleaning provides an effective and economical removal solution for slag and spatter build up

  • Robot joints
  • Transfer cases
  • Shuttle jigs
  • Diamond plates
  • Trunnions
  • Weld tables
  • Fixtures
  • Proximity switches
  • Ancillary equipment
  • +More

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting eliminates welding misalignment, while reducing scrap rates and equipment failure

Always ensure your weld line is operating efficiently by implementing dry ice cleaning into your preventative maintenance plan.


  • Reduce scrap rates Improve product quality
  • Reduce replacement costs Maximize tooling life and decrease fixture repair
  • Non-abrasive Will not damage sensors
  • Eliminate manual cleaning Improves efficiencies and worker safety
  • Environmentally sustainableEliminate chemicals and waste streams
  • Reduce production downtime Clean faster and eliminate unplanned maintenance
  • Clean on-line Minimal to no disassembly required

Case Studies

Dry ice blasting helps our customers maintain highly efficient weld lines

  • Automotive

    Weld lines are safely cleaned with less labor and reduced costs

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  • Contract Cleaning

    Dry ice blasting helps contractor improve industrial robot cleaning process

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See what other Cold Jet customers are saying

Dry ice blasting has made a significant impact on our entire robot refurbishing process. Cold Jet’s dry ice blast cleaning process allows us to clean effectively without damaging any of the robots’ components. It is much faster than the tedious and time-consuming solvent alternative and saves us time on the initial cleaning of the robots.

Matt Schrift
Shop Manager | RobotWorx

We are able to do 2-3 times the number of jobs with dry ice cleaning and the outcome is better. We can also meet the kaizen ‘shared cost reduction’ now and still make good margins on the job.

Steve Foster
Maclellan Integrated Services
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