Dry Ice Production Solutions

Simplify your cooling and processing operations with dry ice, which provides a safe, residue free and enhanced cooling solution.

Benefits of Dry Ice

Providing solutions for your cooling and processing needs

The unique characteristics of dry ice make it a more efficient, safe and cost effective solution for many cooling and processing applications.

  • Enhanced cooling capability 3x the refrigeration power of water ice
  • No secondary waste Dry ice does not produce secondary waste streams, residue or moisture
  • Safe and non-toxic Dry ice is a food grade media and is EPA, FDA and USDA approved for use around food
  • Colorless, tasteless and odorless
  • Environmentally responsible Dry ice is made of reclaimed CO2 and does not add additional CO2 to the atmosphere

Superior systems that reliably and consistently produce, meter and package high-quality dry ice

Cold Jet is the global leader in dry ice production solutions & technology and provides innovative solutions that save companies time, money and resources. We offer the most advanced dry ice manufacturing systems with superior end-product quality, coupled with 24/7 production capability and customer support. We are also the only manufacturer to offer customized engineered solutions.

  • Wide variety of solutions From small scale units to high volume and ranging from pellets to slices
  • Proprietary Sub Cooling Technology Lowest conversion factor on the market
  • Continuous Operation Designed for non-stop operation in the most demanding environments
  • Fully automated One button operation enables ease of use and quick start up
  • Automatically Change Extruder Plates Quickly change dry ice dies to minimize downtime
  • Cold Jet CONNECT™Remotely monitor, diagnose and implement corrective action from any location
  • Expert Consultancy We offer advice, ideas and direction for your dry ice production operations


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