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Dry Ice Cleaning Applicators

Choosing the perfect applicator

Cold Jet carries four main dry ice cleaning applicators intended to optimize performance and ergonomics for the multitude of established dry ice cleaning applications. These applicators have functional options that are part of – or can be added to – Cold Jet’s product line, allowing for the best set-up for the end user’s given application. Options include:

Performance Applicator

Performance Applicator

Part# 2E0797
Standard with Aero 40, Aero 80 & SDI Select 60
Weight: 2.5lbs/1.07 Kg

  • Standard duty industrial applications
  • Used for multiple applications due to its smaller size and lighter weight when compared to the 2E0425 Heavy Duty Applicator
  • Ergonomically preferred On/Off control switch
  • Trigger designed to minimize finger/hand fatigue
  • Easy On/Off switch on the light allows user to monitor the cleaning quality throughout the project
  • Has dual triggers for drop protection, clearly identified blasting controls and a visible LED to let your team know when the system is ready for use
  • Has sealed electrical switches, a tough outer shell and designed water release channels to protect against moisture, grit and drop damage
  • Extra accessory port, perfect for an additional light, a GoPro camera for marketing needs or an industrial stand to easily guide the applicator without shouldering the hose
Heavy Duty Applicator

Heavy Duty Applicator

Part# 2E0425-G2 (w/o light 2E0425-G1)
Standard with Aero 40 HP & Aero 80 HP
Optional with Aero 40, Aero 80 & SDI Select 60
Pneumatic version standard for Aero C100
Weight: 3.10lbs/1.41 Kg

  • Heavy duty industrial applications
  • A favorite for contract cleaners who change applications regularly and need the flexibility and wide range of system controls
  • Because the increased force can be counterbalanced with the low thrust line and overall balancing mass of the Heavy Duty Applicator, it is often preferred for high pressure (above 150 psi, 10 bar ) or high flow 500 Series nozzle operation
  • Optional military grade blast light kit that features a superior light with highly concentrated beam and greatest degree of illumination. Optional battery operated light available for pneumatic version
  • Easy On/Off switch on the light allows user to monitor the cleaning quality throughout the project
Compact Applicator

Compact Applicator

Part# 2E0469-G1-A (1”)
  2E0469-G5-A (3/4”)
Standard with Aero V (¾”)
Optional with Aero 40, Aero 80 & SDI Select 60
Weight: 1.40lbs/0.69 Kg

  • Lighter duty, tight access applications and lightest weight of all applicators
  • Intended for tight access, overhead or extended reach cleaning applications – where maneuverability is paramount
  • Operates best with low and medium flow class of nozzles
  • In many situations, the Compact Applicator can prove to be the most ergonomically friendly of all applicators; however, it is not recommended in situations of excessive nozzle thrust and where maximum operation controls are required
  • Optional 1” connection version provides the increased maneuverabilityof the Compact Applicator without the loss of cleaning performance associated with ¾” or smaller applicators without performance loss
Tight Access Applicator

Tight Access Applicator

Part# 2E0447
Optional with Aero V, Aero 40, Aero 80 & SDI Select 60
Weight: 2.45lbs/1.11 Kg

  • Minimum access applicator with nozzle applications
  • Electric power and blast hose are vertical compared to normally horizontal connections
  • Ergonomically best with low and medium flow class of nozzles
  • Quick Change Retainer can be removed for attaching specialty nozzles
  • 360° Rotary Union Hose Coupling can be removed to reduce overall height
  • Designed for PET Mold cleaning and similar tight access cleaning applications
  • ¾” connection provides increased maneuverability; however, will slightly reduce performance when compared to 1” connections

Applicator Safety

  • Always keep safety and mode switch in “O” position until ready to pull applicator trigger
  • When finished dry ice cleaning or changing nozzles, always return the safety and mode switch to the “O” position
  • Startup and shutdown instructions are detailed in the Operator Manual. Please read manual and follow the proper procedure.

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