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Custom Solutions

Simple customization to full automation.

Our customer-centric solutions are built upon our reliable, innovative proprietary technologies. We have the most advanced dry ice cleaning systems and dry ice manufacturing systems. The result is the capability to make your operation more efficient.

Experience that counts.

From custom nozzles to fully automated robotic cleaning systems, our experienced engineers can solve your toughest cleaning and decontamination challenges. With more worldwide system integration and automation experience than any other dry ice blast cleaning manufacturer, we pride ourselves on ingenuity and innovation. Each solution is custom-engineered from proven, reliable components and sub-systems. Whether the system is needed at your plant or moving from job site to job site, we have a system for you.

Simply provide us with specifications and Cold Jet will design, deliver, and deploy a custom solution to meet your needs – from minor modifications to full customization. We will begin by meeting your team to gather your requirements. Our consultants will assist you in calculating your ROI, determining your budget and creating a system proposal. Next the system is designed and assembled. Finally, we will install the system and make sure your staff is trained to use it effectively.

Customized Accessories.

Our proprietary blast cleaning, coupled with our advanced production technologies and engineering know-how, means Cold Jet is capable of designing innovative accessories that efficiently solve your specific cleaning needs. These systems are fully customizable, reliable, dependable and easy to maintain. From spinning blast nozzles that clean ducts, to proprietary radiation decontamination systems, we design and build quality products to your requirements.

Equipment Modification.

Customized solutions utilizing our standard, off-the-shelf equipment typically require minimal reengineering to achieve your desired result.

System Integration.

We can create automated cleaning stations within a continuous manufacturing process (either existing or new) for applications requiring repetitive dry ice cleaning. Only minimal customizing may be needed to interface a Cold Jet solution into your production environment.

Industry leaders look to Cold Jet.

For over 25 years, Cold Jet has provided custom-engineered dry ice cleaning and decontamination systems to world-class companies in the Tire & Rubber, Food Processing, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Printing, Foundry, and Plastics industries.

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