Dry Ice Blasting Applications:

Mould Cleaning

Quickly, safely and efficiently clean your moulds while improving OEE operational efficiencies

Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, does not produce secondary waste and allows you to clean your moulds in the press, at operating temperatures. This leads to improved productivity, higher quality parts and reduced costs.

The process can clean any type of mould and a variety of mould finishes up to and including A1 surfaces and textured surfaces.

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Specific Use Cases

Dry ice blasting safely and effectively cleans all types of moulds

  • Injection moulds
  • Blow moulds
  • PET preform moulds
  • LSR and LIM moulds
  • Thermoform moulds
  • Urethane moulds
  • Technical moulds
  • Metal injection moulds (MIM)
  • Compression moulds
  • Fiberglass moulds
  • HDPE moulds
  • Medical device moulds
  • Extrusion dies
  • Automotive moulds

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Cut costs, increase production efficiency and improve product quality

Dry ice blasting not only cleans your moulds more effectively, but also leads to an increase in OEE operational efficiencies.

  • Non-abrasive
    Will not damage parting lines, sealing surfaces or surface finishes
  • No secondary wasteNo secondary cleaning process from solvent residue
  • Clean moulds online at operating temperatures
  • Reduce downtime Clean faster with no disassembly required
  • Easily clean complex moulds Access and clean complex mould geometries, such as cavities and vents
  • Meet stringent productivity demands
    Meet demands (6-Sigma, Kaizen, 5S, TPM) and improve OEE scores
  • Decrease CostsDecrease mould cleaning costs by as much as $50,000
  • Reduce cleaning times Reduce cleaning times by as much as 75%
  • Improve product quality and decrease scrap rates
  • Extend asset life of the mould
  • Eliminate manual cleaning and harmful chemicals Safer for employees and the environment

Case Studies

Dry ice blasting is solving our customer’s pain points in their mould cleaning process

  • Plastics & Composites

    Injection molder reduced maintenance cycles by 50%, reducing costs and downtime

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  • Plastics & Composites

    Plastics processor reduces cleaning time from 4 hours to less than 10 minutes

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  • Plastics & Composites

    Plastic manufacturer extends mold running time by 200-500%

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  • Plastics & Composites

    Mold cleaning time reduced by 50%, while labor reduced from multiple workers to one

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See what other Cold Jet customers are saying

In addition to cleaning our molds faster and more frequently, we no longer need a team of people to help us disassemble, clean and reassemble molding equipment.

Jan Schotte
Process Technology - Plastics | TE Connectivity

We clean a number of molds that are hot while online. With dry ice cleaning, we are able to clean the molds much faster than when using chemicals. This has reduced downtime and increased both our productivity and employee safety.

Mike Wohlfarth
Tooling Engineer | MPC

Preform mold cleaning can be a time consuming process, particularly for high-cavitation molds. By using Cold Jet’s system, our customers find a fast and easy cleaning solution that helps them significantly reduce system downtime and improve productivity.

Mike Urquhart
VP, PET | Husky

Cleaning with Cold Jet will not roll parting lines, change or destroy the metal and best of all, it allows our running time to be extended. We use it every day, on every shift.

Tom Mendel
President and CEO | Performance Plastics

The time savings alone have been phenomenal as we have been able to clean our equipment better and faster while they are still online and we have dramatically reduced the amount of cleansers, degreasers and alcohol that we buy and use for cleaning.

Joe Pond
Setup Supervisor | Silgan Plastics
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