Dry Ice Blasting Applications:

Surface Preparation Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Prepare surfaces with a dry process that will not damage surface dimensions

Dry ice blasting eliminates the need for aqueous or chemical solutions for surface preparation. The process removes contaminants from delicate plastic surfaces and is also used to remove heavy contaminant buildup on metal and steel surfaces for immediate repair or non-destructive testing.

Dry ice blasting will not leave residue on surfaces or cause grit entrapment, which results in higher quality parts and more accurate measurements during testing.

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robotic dry ice blasting machine prepares auto part surfaces in factory
worker preparing pipe surface by dry ice blasting
robotic dry ice blaster finishing part surfaces in automotive factory
dry ice blasting robot prepares auto part surfaces in factory
worker using dry ice blasting machine to clean rust from pipeline




Dry ice blasting safely removes surface contaminants from a variety of parts and equipment

  • Plastic parts
  • Interior and exterior automotive parts
  • Vessels and valves
  • Tanks
  • Pipelines
  • Spot treatment solution
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Surface preparation prior to welding
  • Cleaning surfaces before RTVs
  • +More

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Revolutionize your surface preparation process

Dry ice cleaning prepares and cleans surfaces without creating secondary waste, which enables for immediate painting or coating, repair and non-destructive testing.


  • Versatile solution Safely prepare a variety of surfaces
  • Eliminate need for aqueous or chemical solutions
  • Dry process allows for immediate painting or coating after cleaning
  • No secondary waste Reduce disposal costs
  • Non-abrasive Will not damage surface dimensions
  • Eliminate manual methods
  • Improve product quality and decrease scrap rates
  • Little to no disassembly
  • Eliminate risk of grit entrapment
  • Environmentally sustainable

Case Studies

Dry ice blasting is a proven surface preparation technique

  • Contract Cleaning

    Dry ice blasting removes pitted corrosion for a more effective weld

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  • Contract Cleaning

    Contractor prepares ski lifts for painting in half the time of previous methods

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  • Restoration & Remediation

    Paint on historic lighthouse removed without creating secondary waste

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See what other Cold Jet customers are saying about our surface preparation cleaning equipment.

Our experience with dry ice blasting is that it does a better job of preparing the base, which then allows the paint crew to more effectively apply a primer and a top coat that is more likely to endure longer than simply spot grinding or painting over oxidized surfaces. By preparing with dry ice blasting, we can save our customers a significant amount of money in painting as the paint will last longer, and we can perform the project with less people, less time and less risk.

Jim Wester
Manager | Wisconsin Dry Ice Blasting

We took dry ice and went in and blasted the aluminum to remove the corrosion to lower the conductivity levels so the aluminum is easier to be welded without having to grind it down to where the metal will meet better and weld better.

Tom Devine
Project Manager | Amee Bay
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