Dry Ice Blasting Equipment for Historical Restoration

Dry Ice Blasting Applications

Safely restore historical items more quickly with non-abrasive cleaning method

Historical restoration with dry ice blasting allows for safe and effective restoration of historical items in a fraction of the time of alternative methods. The process is non-abrasive and will not damage the delicate surfaces being cleaned. The use of dry ice blasting equipment also eliminates manual cleaning with abrasive hand tools, harmful chemicals and water.

The dry ice blasting process is successful in removing layers of paint, carbon, pollution, smoke damage, mold and many other types of contaminants from all types of surfaces.

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Dry ice blasting safely removes all types of contaminants from historic artifacts and structures

  • Adhesive and tar removal
  • Reversal of aging effect
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Water damage
  • Carbon buildup removal
  • Failing paint removal
  • Lead paint abatement
  • Mold Remediation
  • Removal of corrosive contaminants
  • +More

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Complete historical restoration projects safer, more quickly and at lower costs

Dry ice blasting eliminates abrasive hand tools and chemicals, while providing a faster restoration process that reduces labor, cleanup and disposal costs.


  • Non-abrasive Will not damage sensitive or delicate surfaces
  • Chemical free process Eliminate abrasive and harmful chemicals
  • Reduced restoration time Remove contaminants faster and more effectively
  • No secondary waste Reduce encapsulation and disposal costs
  • Eliminate abrasive hand tools
  • Environmentally sustainableWill not harm surrounding areas
  • Versatile clean Clean a varying degree of surfaces

Case Studies

Dry ice blasting is safely restoring historical artifacts and structures across the globe

  • Restoration & Remediation

    Delicate and priceless sculpture restored to ‘like new’ condition

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  • Restoration & Remediation

    Paint on historic lighthouse removed without creating secondary waste

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  • Restoration & Remediation

    Civil war artifacts refurbished with no damage to surface

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  • Restoration & Remediation

    Dry ice blasting restores monument in half the time and costs of soda blasting

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See what other Cold Jet customers are saying

Cleaning this sculpture demonstrated how delicate – yet aggressive – this process can be just by varying nozzle type, nozzle length and pressure.

Mike McGraw
Owner | EcoJet Inc.

While the architect had first asked for soda blasting, we knew it would cost twice as much. With dry ice cleaning, there is no secondary waste and no extra setup to contain any contaminants. In addition, with the historic details on this monument, we felt that dry ice cleaning would be the right answer.

Bobbi Monacelli
Owner | USCleanBlast.com

Dry ice blasting is proving its effectiveness in scores of cleaning applications, and – throughout the initial preparation phase of the Split Rock Lighthouse project – demonstrated that when it comes to historical restoration projects, it’s a process that must be considered.

Dan Gotz
Project Manager | Veit & Company

The project was on schedule and incredibly fast. We saved at least three to four days when compared with sand or corn blasting and two days of sanding time. The log home looks brand new – it came out 110%.

Vinni Bonazza
Owner | Bonazza Dry Ice Blasting

Even when the surface was magnified 350 times, we didn’t see any pitting. We didn’t see any signs of abrasion. We didn’t see any damage.

Will Hoffman
Conservation Project Manager | The Mariners’ Museum and Park
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Restoration & Remediation Dry Ice Cleaning Technology

Historical Restoration and Graffiti Removal in Malta with Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting


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