Alliance Program

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You want to grow your business faster. We want to help. Explore our Strategic Alliance program to discover how dry ice can help drive growth in your business.

Strategic Alliance Program

The Strategic Alliance is specifically designed to build value within the Independent Welding and Gas Suppliers (IWGS) network.

Adding dry ice production enables you to leverage your existing assets in order to create new revenue streams.

The program capitalizes on each of our own competencies in order to create greater value for your business, as well as your customers. By partnering with Cold Jet, the global leader in dry ice blasting and dry ice production, your business will offer best-in-class products and innovative solutions to your customers.

Why partners choose Cold Jet

With our support, you can build a dry ice distribution network and position your company for sustained growth.

  • Establish new revenue stream
  • World-class support from the global leader
  • Best-in-class products and solutions

You’ll have our support

  • Customer service support
  • Training and technical support
  • Marketing and promotional support
  • Referrals
  • Long-term strategic support

Your market opportunities

There is significant market demand for dry ice as a cooling medium and dry ice blasting for cleaning, surface preparation, and parts finishing applications.

Featured Dry Ice Cooling Applications:

Featured Dry Ice blasting Applications:


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