Cold Jet Webinar

Mold Maintenance 4.0: Dry Ice Blasting in a Smart Factory

Improve visibility, productivity, quality of products and profit with dry ice technology for mold cleaning

Industry 4.0 is seen by most as the new era of manufacturing, combining technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence, scientific molding, plant monitoring systems, and automation to create an efficient and effective manufacturing process. It is now weaving its way into our often outdated maintenance practices, namely, mold maintenance. Why?

Because it is not secret that it is our molds that are really the critical path to the success of molding quality parts. When we acknowledge that, it drives us to utilize the most current and effective methods in maintaining our molds. Driving that are studies which show that 60-70% of all mold maintenance centers around mold cleaning. It only stands to reason that there is a tremendous opportunity to improve how we maintain our molds and the positive impact that will have on not only our molds, but our Availability and Quality OEE scores.

This webinar will discuss how cleaning molds with dry ice is not only faster and better, but how the entire process can be remotely monitored and reported on, and how each mold can be cleaned with its own individualized programmable cleaning recipe.

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