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Cold Jet Dosing System Cold Jet Dosing System

Cold Jet's revolutionary Dosing System Solutions automatically produce dry ice and fill containers to preprogrammed amounts. This process is now reliable, safe and easily repeated each time dry ice is produced. The unique benefits of the Dosing System allow users to regain control of their cold chain and experience significant cost savings through Just-in-Time production.

System Overview:

  • Just-In-Time dry ice production system (pelletizer) with integrated dosing station
  • Automatically fills transport containers with preprogrammed amounts of dry ice
  • Patented dry ice handling technology that ensures reliable performance
  • Can be customized to meet your specifications
  • Safe and easy for use by a single operator


  • Reduces annual dry ice consumable cost by eliminating over-ordering, sublimation loss, and other waste such as delivery charges
  • Eliminates filling errors through precise dosing of only the required volume
  • Maximum output obtained through minimal space and resource requirements
  • Safer for operators than traditional hand filling
  • Reduces labor inefficiencies and associated costs

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