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Printing Press Cleaning Example


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The following is an actual Return on Investment (ROI) experienced by one of our customers in the printing industry. This particular application is for the cleaning of printing presses. As you will see, the ROI of a Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting system is amazing.

Key points of the ROI below are:

  • 58% reduction in equipment downtime (24 hours to 10 hours)
  • 83% reduction in personnel requirements (6 people to 1 person)
  • 93% reduction in total cleaning time (144 hours to 10 hours)
  • $55,162.00 (pre-tax) annual profit improvement
  • Capital ROI payback in only 10 months

1. Capital Expenditure
Current Method Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting
System Quoted N/A
Expected Equipment Life (Years) N/A 5
Annual Depreciation $0.00 $5,750.00
2. Labor & Material Savings
Current Method Cold Jet
Labor Cost Per Hour 30
Hours Per Cleaning
Number of People Cleaning/Operating Equipment
Labor Cost per Cleaning $300.00
Dry Ice Cost per Pound N/A $0.22
Average Dry Ice Usage (Pounds Per Minute) N/A
Dry Ice Cost Per Cleaning $0.00 $396.00
Estimated Compressed Air Cost Per 1000CuFt N/A $0.24
Compressed Air Usage (CuFt Per Minute) N/A
Compressed Air Cost Per Cleaning N/A $48.00
Chemical/Other Material Cost Per Cleaning $0.00
Subcontract Cost Per Cleaning $0.00
Total Labor and Material Cost Per Cleaning $4,420.00 $744.00
Cleanings Per Year 12
Total Annual Labor & Material Cost For Cleaning $53,040.00 $8,928.00
3. Equipment Wear & Tear Savings
Current Method Cold Jet
Cost of Equipment Damage N/A
Replacement Frequency (Years) N/A
Equipment Wear & Tear Cost $0.00 $0.00
4. Productivity Improvement Value
Current Method Cold Jet
Downtime Hours Per Cleaning
Units Produced Per Hour At Capacity 18000
Cost Per Unit Produced $0.05
Estimated Gross Profit (GP) Percentage* 10%
Annual GP Lost Due to Cleaning $28,800.00 $12,000.00
5. Justification
Annual Profit Increase over current method
Current Method Cold Jet
Cleaning Unit Depreciation Expense ($5,750.00)
Reduction in Labor & Material Cost For Cleaning $44,112.00
Reduction in Equipment Wear & Tear Cost $0.00
Value of Increased Productivity $16,800.00
Pre-Tax Annual Profit Improvement $0.00 $55,162.00
After-Tax Annual Profit Improvement (40% tax rate) $0.00 $33,097.20
Annual Return on Investment as Percent 116%
Capital Pay Back Time in Months 10.4
Total Savings Over Life of Equipment $136,736.00
* Gross Margin % is (selling price less manufacturing and distribution cost)