Dry Ice Production for Medical and Pharmaceutical Shipment Cooling

Dry Ice Production Applications

Dry ice for medical and pharmaceutical shipments ensures that temperature-sensitive medical goods are kept at the appropriate temperatures throughout the shipment process

During shipping, it is critical that pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biological samples and other medical goods be continuously stored in a limited temperature range – from the time they are manufactured until the moment of application.

Dry ice for medical and pharmaceutical shipments provides extended and consistent cooling throughout the cold chain cycle. It has significant cooling capabilities (−109.3 °F, −78.5 °C) and slowly sublimates back to gas, leaving no water or residue behind. This ensures that the product temperature will be maintained throughout the cold chain without being harmed by the cooling media.

• Dry ice for medical shipments
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Dry ice is used as a cooling media in the shipment of many types of medical goods

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biological samples
  • Vaccines
  • Laboratory testing specimens



Dry ice for vaccine transport and cooling

Some COVID-19 vaccines require storage and shipping at about -70°C ±10°C (-94°F ±14°F). This means that one of the biggest challenges for vaccine distribution is to store and ship a new COVID-19 vaccine when and wherever needed. To be able to respond to all issues linked to the transport cooling of pharmaceuticals, all major shipping and distribution companies have to create “ultra-low temperature cold chain” plans, in order to keep the vaccines below sub-zero temperatures. Currently, the existing refrigerated transport infrastructure and supply chain is not prepared to handle shipments with these low temperatures.

That is why at all points in the vaccine transportation and distribution cold chain, dry ice is needed to maintain temperature. Dry ice sublimates without creating any waste or residue, making it the perfect cooling medium during the shipment of vaccines. It is crucial that pharmaceutical companies utilize the correct volume and format of dry ice. During refrigerated vaccine transport, it is recommended to use 10mm dry ice nuggets to ensure a correct storage and shipment of the vaccines.

This is where Cold Jet makes a difference. Our Pelletizers and Dry Ice Production Hub enable you to respond immediately to new dry ice capacity needs, offering the ideal size of dry ice at any possible location.

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Benefits of Dry Ice Production

Dry ice provides extended and consistent cooling throughout the cold chain cycle

Dry ice also provides greater flexibility and cheaper freight costs. Each shipment has unique cooling requirements based on the good being shipped, the type and size of packaging, and the length and duration of the trip. With dry ice, the exact amount, shape, or size of cooling media can be utilized in each parcel – with no unnecessary added weight.


  • Keep items consistently cooler for longerDry ice will last three to five days in temperature controlled parcels
  • Cheaper freight costsUse the exact amount of dry ice needed
  • 3x the refrigeration power of water ice
  • Only cooling media that keeps items below sub-zero temperatures
  • Environmentally responsibleSublimates without leaving water, residue or waste
  • Colorless, tasteless, odorless and non-toxic
  • Produce the exact amount and form of dry ice needed (slabs, pellets, nuggets)Eliminate dry ice waste while optimizing cooling
  • Cut costs and improve operational efficiencyEliminate dry ice delivery and storage costs

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