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Cold Jet's Patented
SureFlow Technology
Advanced Surface Preparation

Cold Jet's Patented

Paint prep
Cold Chain Management

with: Cold Jet's Just-in-time Production

High Density
Less Waste
Food Grade


Environmentally Sustainable
Whether you need to clean hot injection molds, debur finished medical device parts or restore priceless artifacts, Cold Jet's dry ice cleaning provides answers for your specific cleaning and surface preparation application. We turn your problems into solutions.

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Advanced MicroParticles
Cold Jet's patented MicroParticle technology generates more particles striking the surface than using
traditional pellets, providing more coverage with less aggression while requiring less air - giving you a faster, quieter and softer clean.

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Cold Chain

Delivering Reliability & ROI
Cold Jet provides solutions to help support the cold chain along your entire product lifecycle - from manufacturing to storage to distribution. Our solutions range from transport cooling to airline catering and offer the greatest level of reliability and ROI available.

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Engineering the Industry
For more than 25 years Cold Jet has led the development of dry ice technology. With more than 100 global patents, we set the standard for performance, quality and reliability. Cold Jet offers the widest selection and most reliable cleaning and production systems available.

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We pioneered Dry Ice Blast Cleaning and are the global experts in dry ice technology

Cold Jet doesn’t just sell machines - we invented, and continue to innovate, the technology. At Cold Jet we:

  • Have been in business since 1986
    • The longest of any provider
  • Have the largest market share
  • Have the largest install base
  • Have a state-of-the-art Manufacturing facility
  • Hold the original patent on dry ice blasting
    • US Patent 4,617,064 (1986)
  • Hold over 20 technology patents
  • Hold over 100 global patents
  • Have the largest dedicated engineering staff

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The Next Great Clean! Introducing the SDI Select

Any Ice. Any Application. Anywhere.

Versatility on Demand

Cold Jet's SDI Select™ series is designed with the ability to shave any dry ice media input through patented feeder technology. The SDI Select™ opens new cleaning opportunities when you experience limited dry ice availability.

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›› See the SDI Select 60 details Services Directory

The Place to find Contract Cleaning information and services

Cold Jet is pleased to announce its support for, a new website dedicated to helping companies and consumers learn about the benefits of dry ice cleaning applications and locate contract cleaning service providers who can help meet their cleaning needs.

In addition, provides service providers a place to reference application information and videos to better support their businesses.

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With Cold Jet you can Go Green and Increase your profits today!

Cleaning with Cold Jet can make you money.

Clean up your act & the environment - and save some serious cash!

It's a tough economy out there - so why not do everything to add to your bottom-line right now. Cold Jet's cleaning solutions have incredible ROIs that can start making you real profits now. And there's never been more incentive to clean up your act. Check out a few of our online savings tools and contact us to find out how much you can really be making with Cold Jet.

›› Rent or Purchase - Find out more about our flexible programs to meet your needs.
›› Compare your current cleaning process costs with our online ROI Calculator.
›› See how your current cleaning process stacks up to dry ice blast cleaning.
›› Confused about ROI? Read our Blog topic: The Real ROI!
›› Read our newest Case Study and see how Ghiradelli Chocolate is saving big.

Cold Jet Dry Ice. The purest ice. Period.

Buy your ice, or make it? Let Cold Jet help you find the right solution.

Your business demands the best.

Cold Jet's dry ice pelletizers have been scientifically engineered by the dry ice industry's leading engineers and experts.

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Cold Jet Dosing System Solutions

Cold Jet's revolutionary Dosing System Solutions automatically produce dry ice and fill containers to preprogrammed amounts.

The unique benefits of the Dosing System allow users to regain control of their cold chain and experience significant cost savings through Just-in-Time production.

 -  Reduces annual dry ice consumable cost

 -  Eliminates filling errors

 -  Safe and easy for use by a single operator

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The Revolutionary R3000 Slice Reformer

Serving up savings to the airline catering industry

Cold Jet is partnering with global leaders in airline catering to deliver on-site, on-demand dry ice with the new R3000 Slice Reformer - managing the cold chain in this ever-changing environment despite airline delays or cancellations.

To read more about Cold Jet's dry ice manufacturing capabilites:

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Rent or Buy. You Decide!

Flexible Options to fit Your Needs

You decide what's best for you. With our nationwide sales team, and network of Red-D-Arc rental outlets, you can choose how you want to get your dry ice blasting equipment.

Whether you just want to rent a machine for a weekend shutdown and maintenance, or purchase outright and depreciate over time, we can accommodate your preference.

Speak to a Representative at +1 800-777-9101

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The cleanest clean. Superior dry ice blasting equipment by Cold Jet

For more than 20 years Cold Jet has led the development of dry ice blasting technology - setting the standard for quality, performance and reliability. Cold Jet offers the widest selection, most reliable and most innovative dry ice blasting systems that use half the ice, air and manpower of competitors' systems. Cold Jet's dry ice blast cleaning solutions pay for themselves in just a few months, providing an impressive R.O.I. on systems designed to last.

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The purest ice. Period.

Cold Jet's dry ice pelletizers and reformers have been scientifically engineered by the dry ice industry's leading engineers and experts to offer the greatest level of reliability available and the highest density extruded dry ice obtainable.

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Turn your cleaning problems into solutions with Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting

Industries and companies worldwide (from Fortune 100 to sole proprietors) are setting the precedent for excellence and quality in their operations using Cold Jet's cutting edge design and innovation.

Cold Jet's dry ice blast cleaning solutions are used in almost every industry imaginable - and all our solutions are environmentally friendly and require no secondary waste or contaminant cleanup. We can help you turn your cleaning problems into solutions.

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What do you lose if you don't use original Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment?

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How much is it costing you to not switch to dry ice blasting?

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Concerned about ISO 14001?

What is the environmental standard, and how does your cleaning method measure up?

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More questions?

What do you want to know? Let Cold Jet help you find the answers to your cleaning or dry ice production questions.

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