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Cold Jet introduces Cold Jet CONNECT®, a new way to connect with customers

Cold Jet CONNECT offers users remote support, virtual repair services, and data analytics for dry ice blasting and production equipment.


Cold Jet – the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of dry ice production and blasting equipment – is excited to introduce Cold Jet CONNECT, an unrivaled customer service, support, and intelligence platform that provides best-in-class services for complete machine investment- and uptime protection.


According to current projections, the number of active Internet of Things connected devices is expected to grow from 11.7 billion in 2020 to over 30 billion by 2025. This trend is penetrating all markets; however, the manufacturing sector is one that will benefit greatly. With so many advantages to IoT-enabled industrial equipment, the most notable include remote monitoring, support, and data collection for operational improvements to increase efficiency and profitability.


“This is about harnessing our greatest asset, our global service and support infrastructure, and offering actionable data for better decision making to more customers around the world,” said Christian Rogiers, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Cold Jet.


Cold Jet CONNECT is an annual subscription service offering new and existing customers three subscription tiers to best fit their unique needs: CONNECT, CONNECT Professional, and CONNECT Enterprise.


Cold Jet CONNECT, the entry-level subscription, is included with the purchase of all new machines and extended to existing customers. Operators can simply scan the QR code on their machine for quick access to machine documentation, operator manuals, customer service, training videos, and part and accessory catalogs. Cold Jet CONNECT also offers customers our standard 1-year warranty.



Cold Jet CONNECT workflow

Cold Jet CONNECT offers actionable insights for data-driven decision making and efficient remote support


Cold Jet CONNECT Professional is offered for the latest line of IoT-connected dry ice blasters (Aero2® PCS 60, Aero2® PLT 60, and i3 MicroClean® 2), giving users access to the aforementioned services plus real-time machine data and analytics such as dry ice usage, average feed rates, daily runtime, and more. Cold Jet CONNECT Professional also offers users pre-configured and customized monthly usage reports, data export for business intelligence platforms, diagnostics mode for more efficient troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance service reminders with historical service records.


Cold Jet CONNECT Enterprise is the most expansive offering, giving users additional access to first-response, extended hours support from Cold Jet technical experts, remotely. This subscription level also provides virtual guided repair and service via augmented reality and our Complete Care Assurance Extended Warranty up to three years.


“Data is today’s currency and is invaluable for improving operations for our customers. Cold Jet CONNECT ensures that our customers get the most out of their investment by offering valuable insights to improve operational efficiencies and make data-drive decisions,” said Gene Cooke III – President and CEO of Cold Jet.


For more information, contact Cold Jet or visit the Cold Jet CONNECT webpage.

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