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Cold Jet Expands Global Footprint with Acquisition of Aquila Triventek’s Dry Ice Product Line

Cold Jet Expands Global Footprint with Acquisition of Aquila Triventek’s Dry Ice Product Line

Loveland, OH, USA, 22 September 2022 – Cold Jet®, the global leader in dry ice technology, has signed a letter of intent to acquire Aquila Triventek’s dry ice activities, a Danish company that specializes in developing innovative dry ice cleaning, production and CO2 recovery systems.

Along with new product offerings and business opportunities, Cold Jet will also welcome Triventek employees, partners and customers with over 40 years of experience in the industry and a shared view of sustainability.

“This acquisition, at its core, will integrate dry ice technologies, innovations and staff from Triventek with the Cold Jet family and product portfolio,” said Eugene Cooke, President & CEO of Cold Jet.

Cold Jet is pleased to add small volume pelletizers and CO2 recovery units from Triventek to round out their portfolio with low- and high-volume pelletizers paired with CO2 recovery systems. The CO2 recovery units pair perfectly with Cold Jet dry ice production systems, helping customers achieve even greater efficiencies with their dry ice operations.

Cold Jet CO2 Recovery System

“Triventek’s advanced CO2 recovery systems made this opportunity especially unique in our effort to build a more sustainable carbon footprint for dry ice production,” said Dennis Hjort, Senior Vice President – Global DIMS & IBS of Cold Jet.

Cold Jet is headquartered in Loveland, Ohio, USA with international operations in Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. Triventek will bring new business and opportunities in Europe, Scandinavia, South Pacific, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and Australia.

“The technology within the CO2 recovery system from Triventek will enable our customers to effectively double the output of solid CO2 (dry ice) with the same input volume of liquid CO2, therefore driving much more efficiency and sustainability in all aspects of their operations with dry ice manufacturing solutions from Cold Jet,” concluded Cooke.


About Cold Jet

Cold Jet has two distinct lines of business centered on the use of dry ice. The company provides environmental cleaning, surface preparation, and parts finishing systems to global manufacturing industries. Secondly, the company produces systems for the production, metering and packaging of dry ice.


About Aquila Triventek

Aquila Triventek A/S is a medium-sized production company that produces specialized high-pressure cleaners and dry ice machines. We are headquartered in Nørre Aaby on Funen, but sell to a wide range of industries throughout the world.


For media inquiries, please contact Rachael Barnes, Marketing and Communications Generalist Global Marketing, Cold Jet at [email protected] .