the IceTech® Series

Versatile and reliable machines for many applications

The IceTech Series provides dependable dry ice blasting at an affordable price.

IceTech dry ice blasting machines

Versatile machines that provide a reliable cleaning solution

The IceTech Series of dry ice blasting machines provides a universal dry ice blasting experience for many industrial applications, with advanced features and an operational versatility that make the machines suitable both for lighter applications and for extremely heavy duty applications.

cold jet icetech series machines
IceTech dry ice blasting machine
IceTech Xcel 6 dry ice blasting machines
IceTech dry ice blasting machine
IceTech Elite 20 dry ice blasting machine
IceTech dry ice blasting machine



The Cold Jet Difference:

The IceTech Series Advantage

  • Durable

    Stainless steel frame is built for durability and reliability.

  • Insulated Lid and Hopper

    Ensures minimal dry ice sublimation and a consistent, uninterrupted cleaning.

  • Easy-adjusting Dosing System

    Control dry ice dosage with ease.

  • User Friendly Control Panel

    Easily control blasting parameters.

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Our dry ice blasting machine pays for itself. Work that used to take 2 days to complete now takes 2 hours. The job gets done fast! It’s 1000x faster than cleaning by hand.

Mike Wozniakowski
Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc


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