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Foot Switch Applicator - i³ MicroClean

Foot Switch Applicator - i³ MicroClean

Allows the nozzle to be attached directly to the blast hose for better ergonomics.


  • Part # 2G1299

Unique Features

  • Eliminates the need for a hand-held control switch
  • "Deadman style" safety foot pedal
Dry Ice Cleaning Machines

Pellet Blasting Machines

Performance Series

  1. Aero 40FP
  2. Aero 80FP

Industrial Series

  1. Xcel 6
  2. Elite 20

MicroParticle Blasting Machines

  1. i³ MicroClean
  2. SDI Select 60

Specialty Products

  1. Aero C100

i3MicroClean Accessories

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