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Plug & Play - Mobile Dry Ice Production Hub

The Plug & Play Dry Ice Production System is either PR120H or PR350H pelletizer integrated with a 10ft High Cube ISO Transportable Container, capable of producing up to 120kg/265lbs or 350kg/772lbs of dry ice pellets per hour. Cold Jet’s Plug & Play System is mobile and enables easy set up and handling of dry ice production. The system is ready to use by supplying electrical power and liquid CO2. As a mobile solution, it allows dry ice production in various facilities and in rugged, tough environments. With low ownership and maintenance costs, you can supply fresh, high quality dry ice on demand.


  • Dimensions: 117" x 96" x 114" (299 x 245 x 290 cm)
  • Weight: 6953 with PR120H lbs (3154 with PR120H kg)
  • Liquid CO2 Pressure Range: 232 - 319 psi (16 - 22 bar)
  • Power Consumption: 3 x 400V+N+PE 50Hz, 10kW

Unique Features

  • 10ft high cube ISO transportable container divided into a machine and filling room
  • Fully automated, one-button operation
  • Control with a touch panel in the filling room
  • Noise emission protection
  • Automatic production stop with a full dry ice container sensor
  • Electrical power and liquid CO2 as the only utilities
  • CO2 supply piping with a quick connection
  • CO2 Safety Monitoring System
  • Ventilation and heating system to control room temperature
  • Equipped with operator instruction and safety procedures
  • Custom design on request
  • Cold Jet CONNECTTM monitoring, remote support and diagnostics
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