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Dry Ice Blasting

Cold Jet invented Dry Ice Blast Cleaning and we are the global experts in dry ice technology. Cold Jet doesn’t just sell machines - we invented, and continue to innovate, the technology. At Cold Jet we:

  • Have been in business since 1986
    - the longest of any provider
  • Have the largest market share
  • Have the largest install base
  • Have a state-of-the-art Manufacturing facility
  • Hold the original patent on dry ice blasting
    - US Patent 4,617,064 (1986)
  • Hold over 20 technology patents
  • Hold over 100 global patents
  • Employ more engineers than most of our competitors have employees

Cold Jet remains ahead of the curve with the SDI Select™ series, dry ice cleaning machines that offer the value of delicate cleaning and high-level aggression all in one frame. Designed with application variability and ever-changing industry demands in mind, the SDI Select can navigate the dry ice cleaning spectrum with ease. Using Cold Jet's patented shaved ice technology, the SDI Select™ can clean large surfaces of thin, hard contaminants, without damaging the substrate. And when faced with heavier contaminants, simply bypass the shaving media, turn up the aggression and clean using full 3mm pellets.

For more information, see our SDI Select minisite.

Nozzle Technology

We have patented technology for superior results. Cold Jet's revolutionary line of variable nozzles, with patented MERN technology and patent-pending variable fragmenting technology gives you the power to control aggression in the supersonic flow region of the nozzle - providing a full range of performance with maximum effectiveness. Cold Jet's design significantly improves reliability because fragmenting occurs downstream for clog-free operation. In a side-by-side comparison, Cold Jet's Variable Nozzle did not clog once during a 10-minute consecutive blasting session while a leading competitor’s fragmenting nozzle began clogging after just 2.5 minutes.

Dry Ice Production

Our dry ice manufacturing systems are designed for push-button, non-stop operation in the most demanding environments and represent the culmination of more than 30 years of experience, servicing the largest global industrial gas and heavy dry ice users. Cold Jet's full extrusion technology and patented die plate design produces the best dry ice possible. Our slice reformer technology allows just-in-time production of dry ice, saving up to 30% in waste reduction. Our available ‘remote monitoring’ feature allows you to monitor your systems remotely from any computer with internet access. This feature aids in alerting you of issues before they occur, resulting in solutions that are more proactive than ever before.

Custom Solutions

From custom nozzles to fully automated robotic cleaning systems, our experienced engineers can solve your toughest cleaning and decontamination challenges. With more worldwide system integration and automation experience than any other dry ice blast cleaning manufacturer, we pride ourselves on ingenuity and innovation. Each solution is custom-engineered from proven, reliable components and sub-systems.

For more information, see our Custom Solutions page.

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