The Cold Jet Difference:

The Dry Ice Production Hub Advantage

  • Produce Dry Ice Anywhere

    Our solution provides temporary dry ice production in remote areas with space and production constraints.

  • Mobile and Rugged

    Contained in a 10ft high cube ISO transportable container.

  • Fully Automated

    One button operation enables ease of use and quick start up.

  • Cold Jet CONNECT®

    Remotely monitor, diagnose and implement corrective action from any location.

Dry Ice Production Hub Features

  • 10ft high cube ISO transportable container divided into a machine and filling room
  • Fully automated, one-button operation
  • Control with a touch panel in the filling room
  • Noise emission protection
  • Automatic production stop with a full dry ice container sensor
  • Electrical power and liquid CO2 as the only utilities
  • CO2 supply piping with a quick connection
  • CO2 Safety Monitoring System
  • Ventilation and heating system to control room temperature
  • Equipped with operator instruction and safety procedures
  • Custom design on request
  • Cold Jet CONNECT monitoring, remote support and diagnostics

Dry Ice Production Hub Specifications

  • Dimensions 117" x 96" x 114" (299 x 245 x 290 cm)
  • Weight 6953 with PR120H lbs (3154 with PR120H kg)
  • Power Consumption 3 x 400V+N+PE 50Hz, 10kW
  • Liquid CO2 Pressure Range 232 - 319 psi (16 - 22 bar)
  • Extruder Plates

    Allow your dry ice production equipment to meet all your production needs with the proper pellet or nugget die plate. Cold Jet's pelletisers can be properly outfitted to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Dry Ice Production Hub Upgrades

Customise the Dry Ice Production Hub for your needs

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