Dry Ice Blasting vs. Abrasive Blasting

When comparing dry ice blasting vs. abrasive blasting, there are many aspects to consider. Often, dry ice blasting is a better solution than abrasive blasting.

Comparing Dry Ice Blasting and Abrasive Blasting

Aspects to consider when comparing the two include:


  • Environmental Impact
  • Toxicity & Secondary Waste
  • Abrasiveness

To understand why dry ice blasting is a better solution, there must be an understanding of what abrasive blasting is. Abrasive blasting uses materials such as sand, glass beads, silicone, walnut shells, and more. These materials are propelled through compressed air to remove tough contaminants.

Dry ice blasting uses dry ice pellets or MicroParticles, consisting of recycled carbon dioxide, that are propelled by pressurized air to remove contaminants.


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Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting vs. Abrasive Blasting

 Dry ice blasting provides many benefits and is a non-abrasive alternative to abrasive blasting. When comparing environmental impact, dry ice blasting uses recycled carbon dioxide that is collected from other industrial processes. Abrasive blasting is more environmentally harmful because it uses material that is not biodegradable and can be harmful to the surrounding areas.

Dry ice blasting does not create any secondary waste because upon contact with the surface being cleaned the dry ice sublimates. This allows for a quicker removal process and eliminates extra cleanup. Abrasive blasting causes secondary waste that requires cleanup, adding extra time and effort into the process.

There is no toxicity when using dry ice blasting because dry ice is a food-grade media and is EPA, FDA, and USDA approved. Abrasive blasting creates toxic waste when it is used to remove harmful materials and requires safe disposal.

Neither dry ice blasting nor abrasive blasting is electrically conductive and will not cause corrosion, but abrasive blasting can damage critical areas of electrical components during the cleaning process.


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Why Cold Jet

At Cold Jet, we have more than three decades of experience in dry ice blasting, and we are the industry leader. We offer various benefits, including:


  • Technologically AdvancedWe have an internal R&D department that develops the most innovative dry ice technology
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  • Environmentally SustainableOur focus is to provide high-quality machinery that is safe and does not compromise the surrounding environment
  • IoT CapabilitiesWe are the only company to offer Industry 4.0 capability on dry ice blasting units

At Cold Jet, we are the OEM. This gives us the competitive edge to assist you in removing and cleaning various materials from surfaces. We also offer the option to rent or buy our products, or you can buy a used product. Visit our page, How to Buy, to learn more.

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