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Who is Cold Jet?

A little about us...

Who we are

Cold Jet Corporate Office

We are Cold Jet – The global experts in environmentally sustainable cleaning, surface preparation and transport cooling solutions.

We are:

  • The leader in dry ice blasting and dry ice production technology, developing superior dry ice blast cleaning systems to meet every unique cleaning application
  • Committed to offering the widest selection, most reliable and dependable dry ice blasting systems, dry ice production equipment, engineered systems and nozzles on the market
  • The first and largest dry ice technology company in the world, with 150+ direct employees and more than 100 contractors and distributors
  • An expert team of aerospace and mechanical engineers, technical sales specialists and manufacturing, production and support personnel
  • A 20,000 square foot engineering, R&D, production and assembly operation, located at our World Headquarters in Loveland, Ohio
  • A 14,600 square foot, high-tech machining and manufacturing facility, located in Milford, Ohio – with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge processes (including Electrical Discharge Machining, providing detailed machining to tolerances of only +/- 0.0001") to ensure the highest quality precision product manufacturing
  • An on-site testing facility to test and validate the effectiveness of dry ice cleaning on parts and specific cleaning applications
  • A global presence with a European office – Cold Jet Europe bvba – located in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium and direct sales and support offices in Canada, Mexico, Germany, China and the Middle East

Our facilities

Cold Jet Manufacturing facility

Our engineering, R&D and production operations are maintained at our World Headquarters facility in Loveland, OH. All of our products are assembled and tested in our 20,000 sq ft assembly operations facility adjacent to our World Headquarters offices. In addition, in 2009 we have added a new high-tech machining and manufacturing facility in Milford, Ohio. This 14,600 sq ft facility with its state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge processes (including Electrical Discharge Machining, providing detailed machining to tolerances of only +/- 0.0001") ensure the highest quality precision product manufacturing.

Cold Jet Corporate Showroom

Cold Jet's on-site showroom and production Test Cell are also available to all customers, and potential customers, for the testing and validation of dry ice blasting on their parts and/or their specific cleaning application. Contact our Sales or Customer Support departments for more information.

Cold Jet's European office, Cold Jet Europe bvba, is located in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Cold Jet has direct sales and/or support offices in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, and China.

What we do

Cold Jet has led the development of dry ice blasting and dry ice production technology which sets the standard for quality, performance and reliability. With thousands of installed customers worldwide, Cold Jet's success has been the result of our superior technology, dedication to customer service and establishment of a global infrastructure for product support. Cold Jet is committed to developing dry ice solutions for the betterment of industry and the environment through a relentless pursuit of technology.

With more than 25 years of experience dedicated to dry ice blasting technology, Cold Jet has unparalleled experience in developing and recommending dry ice solutions to match any need. Cold Jet offers the widest selection, most reliable and most dependable Dry Ice Blasting Systems, Dry Ice Production Equipment, Engineered Systems, and Nozzles on the market. Our wide selection in products allows us to recommend the best configuration for your application and budget.

Industries and companies worldwide (from Fortune 100 to sole proprietors) are setting the precedent for excellence and quality in their operations with Cold Jet's cutting edge design and innovation. Cold Jet's dry ice blasting systems use half the air, ice and labor of competitor's products. Our dry ice blast cleaning solutions can pay for themselves in just a few months, providing an impressive return on investment.

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