Dry Ice production for Life-Changing Therapies

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Confidently deliver temperature sensitive cell and gene therapies with onsite, just-in-time dry ice production.




Dry ice – an environmentally sustainable solution for delivering life-saving therapies.


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Researching, developing, testing, and manufacturing therapeutic treatments is difficult. Ensuring viability for the patient by maintaining critical temperatures throughout testing and transportation can be even more difficult.


In-house dry ice production solutions enable companies within the life science industry to take control of their cooling needs, optimize their processes and meet sustainability goals for better patient outcomes.

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When lives are on the line,
companies trust in Cold Jet.


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Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

For companies researching and delivering new therapeutic treatments, dry ice is the most effective solution to maintaining critical temperatures. By using dry ice, you can ensure consistent cooling throughout transportation with an environmentally sustainable transportation method.


Benefits of Producing Dry Ice




Transporting the Covid-19 Vaccine with Dry Ice

Over 8 Billion Vaccines Transported with Dry Ice and counting


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Infectious Disease & Vaccines

Companies around the world have relied on dry ice to combat infectious diseases by developing and shipping vaccines to contain the spread. Globally, more than 8 billion vaccines have been kept at the appropriate, safe temperatures with dry ice since the onset of COVID-19.


Benefits of Producing Dry Ice




Researching, developing, and manufacturing therapeutic treatments with each patient’s unique needs in mind is no easy task. Remove the added stress of maintaining temperature to ensure product viability with just-in-time dry ice production.


Benefits of Producing Dry Ice



Tissue Engineering

Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering requires precision and focus. Worrying about keeping live cells at critical temperature should not be a distraction. On-site dry ice production is the solution to maintaining critical temperatures with confidence.


Benefits of Producing Dry Ice



Airfreight Logistics

Airfreight Logistics

Delivering life-saving treatments to the patient while maintaining critical temperature is paramount to success. Experience an end-to-end cooling solution by pairing on-site dry ice production with temperature monitored packaging.


Benefits of Producing Dry Ice


  • On-demand dry ice
  • Reduce waste
  • Ensure product viability
  • Secure your dry ice availability
  • Weight reduction  (dry ice sublimates during shipment)
  • Minimize shipping costs
  • Environmentally sustainable


Therapeutic Areas

Different therapeutic treatments require different cooling properties. Dry ice has unique characteristics that make it suitable for your needs. Below is a list of the therapeutic areas that dry ice has been scientifically proven to exceed cooling needs.


Dry Ice For Life Saving Cures


  • Oncology
  • Infectious Diseases and Vaccines
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Rare Diseases


When lives are on the line,
companies trust in Cold Jet.

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Benefits of partnering with Cold Jet

Our solutions are rooted in science

The core competencies of Cold Jet are driven by science. From engineering to data analysis, our experts are dedicated to providing the most advanced, efficient and quality dry ice manufacturing solutions for every unique circumstance. Our approach to providing world-class consultation, service and support is guided by science.


Our Approach to Providing

World Class Solutions


Life Sciences - Scientific Sales Method

Make an Observation

Our process to providing world class dry ice production solutions starts with industry experts understanding your needs better. This process involves exploratory calls and site visits for our experts to better define your unique challenges and how our solutions can provide you with the results you are looking for.

Formulate Hypothesis

After our industry experts have a better understanding of your unique needs they get to work formulating a hypothesis. In this stage, we analyze your current state of cooling methods as well as the challenges you are looking to overcome. At this point, our experts begin drafting a solution for your needs.

Design & Conduct Experiment

With your challenges in mind, our experts begin testing how our solutions can best meet your needs. We will work together with internal stakeholders from your company and third-party suppliers to ensure our solutions meet, and exceed, your expectations while solving challenges that may not have initially been discovered.

Analyze Results

After conducting experiments, our experts will analyze and provide test results with your internal stakeholders. We will walk through our process and how we came to these findings as well as answer any outstanding questions regarding our study.

Draw Conclusions

After analyzing and presenting the results to your team, our experts will begin building a solution proposal unique to your company. This stage will include working with third-party vendors should your facility need infrastructure upgrades while keeping you informed every step of the way.




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