Dry Ice Blasting for Coating, Corrosion, & Rust Removal

Dry Ice Blasting Applications

Remove industrial coatings and corrosion while meeting environmental, health and safety guidelines by reducing respirable dust and secondary waste.

Our environmentally responsible solution mixes dry ice blasting with an abrasive. The proprietary solution has been 3rd party verified to reduce dust levels by up to 97%; thereby, making it safer for the operator, surrounding workforce and adjacent environment.

Due to the significant reduction in dust and waste, projects will realize an overall reduction in containment and post clean-up costs. The solution does not require rust inhibitors or cause flash rusting so the surface will be left dry and residue-free, which enables a new coating to be applied more quickly.

The solution meets a 2 – 5 mils profile specification and achieves a SSPC 10, SA 2.5 and NACE 2 standard. Learn more about dry ice blasting for coating, corrosion, & rust removal below.

The before photo.
The after photo.
The before photo.
The before photo.


Effectively remove coatings and corrosion, or as a spot treatment solution, on all types of parts and equipment in a variety of environments.

  • Oil & Gas Operations
  • Marine Facilities
  • Military (DoD)
  • Power Generation & Energy Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Mining Operations
  • Transportation & Automotive
  • Road, Highway & Bridge Infrastructure (DoT)
  • +More


A safer and more versatile alternative to surface preparation and industrial coating and corrosion removal.

Extend your range of versatility, while remaining environmentally responsible and promoting health and safety initiatives.


  • Reduce respirable and nuisance dust by up to 97%Limited to no containment or masking
  • Meet OSHA and environmental regulatory guidelines
  • No moisture and no residue No drying time allows for immediate re-coating application
  • VersatileNon-destructive cleaning with just dry ice and also more aggressive cleaning with Cold Jet’s propriety abrasive mix
  • Increased operator visibility
  • Environmentally responsibleSignificantly reduce secondary waste
  • Eliminate manual methods
  • Reduce cleanup and disposal costs
  • Achieve SP 10 / SA 2.5 / NA 2


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