Now You See It – Now You Don’t

The Magic of Dry Ice in Plastics, Rubber Industry Applications

Dry ice blasting helps plastic manufacturers reduce scrap and downtime, improve product quality and prolong the life of their equipment

This webinar will detail the advantages of dry ice cleaning as a replacement for solvent and/or mechanical cleaning for the removal of contaminants
from tooling, clean parts prior to painting, as well as its use to deburr and deflash plastic parts. The viewer will achieve a benchmark understanding of the role and relevance of dry ice in mold cleaning, part deburring & deflashing, surface preparation and its impact on product quality, production cost, production efficiencies, worker safety and health and environmental responsibility. Research from several industry case studies will be discussed.

page de titre du webinaire Cold Jet sur les applications de la glace carbonique dans l'industrie des plastiques et du caoutchouc
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