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... and Chief Executive Officer of Cold Jet, LLC. "Our Aero Series and MicroClean dry ice blast cleaning systems are helping manufacturers around the world to reduce the ...
... and easy to use, the i3 IcePress is the perfect companion for the i3 MicroClean or SDI-5 shaved dry ice blasting systems. Just add ice and compressed air ...
11 Aug 2014  -  URL:
... clean for the customer's specific environment and application. The Aero Series accompanies the i3 MicroClean® and SDI Select™ 60, an established line of machines that feature ...
... production COLD JET SYSTEM attention to the intricacies in of the high tolerance medical i3 MicroClean molding catheter tips and surgical device parts can impact the quality equipment, grinding ...
12 Aug 2014  -  URL:
... CLEAN I NG SYST Aero 80FP E Y IC SINCE 1986 EM DR S i3 MicroClean® i3 Series 02. XP logo SDI Select™ 60 SDI Select 60 ...
6 Aug 2015  -  URL:
... Electronics einge- setzten System handelt es sich um eine leichtgewichtige, kompakte Cold Jet MicroClean-Strahlanlage, die elek- trisch und mit Niederdruck arbeitet, bei dem von ...
8 Aug 2008  -  URL:
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