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... industry. E160 Pelletizer Overview Overview of the Cold Jet E160 Pelletizer. PR750 Creating Slices See a video of the Cold Jet PR750 in action. Webinars Going, ...
... extrusion technology and patented die plate design produces the best dry ice possible. Our slice reformer technology allows just-in-time production of dry ice, saving up to 30% ...
wtce2012.pdf [English]
... individually says that if an aircraft is grounded Juchmes is also keen to point wrapped slices to a specific size. because of weather or strikes, the out the ...
8 Apr 2012  -  URL:
... OF FIGURES FIG. 1. – Typical forms of dry ice: block, slice, nugget and pellet. FIG. 2. – Recycled C02 from manufacturing ...
2 Oct 2014  -  URL:
... bottom aggressive because of their greater mass. They are usually right: block, slice, nugget, pellet. better suited for thick or brittle contaminants. Shaved ...
11 Aug 2014  -  URL:
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