Cold Jet Case Study

Industrial gas company meets customers’ needs for dry ice


KSD is a gas company whose core business is supplying gas to the food and beverage industry, including breweries, beverage stores, catering and wineries. They also provide medical and industrial gases in cylinders.



In the last few years, KSD has received more requests for dry ice, particularly in regards to the wine industry. While KSD initially bought their dry ice from an external provider, more clients have asked for increased flexibility in order to have ice when needed and be able to meet production requirements.



KSD considered producing dry ice themselves and also looked at several proposals from different suppliers. Finally, they asked their gas supplier for advice. After several conversations, they decided to buy a pelletizer from Cold Jet as this was the most compact and reliable machine on the market. They chose a Cold Jet P325 with a production capacity of 136 kg/hour, producing high density and high quality dry ice.



In cooperation with Linde, the project will be implemented within the next two months. Cold Jet and Linde will work closely with one another to ensure a successful project.


“We are very satisfied from the first contact up to date,” said Mr. Collins, Managing Director of KSD, responsible for administration, attracting and supporting new and existing customers. “The employees at Cold Jet were very professional and helpful. We are finally able to respond to requests for flexibility from our customers and produce according to their dry ice needs. In addition, we are also excited about the quality of the dry ice.”


As orders continue to increase, KSD is already considering installing another pelletizer and will work with Cold Jet on the project.

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