• combi 350h integrated dry ice blasting machine
  • combi 350h integrated dry ice blasting machine

The Cold Jet Difference:

The COMBI 350H Advantage

  • Combine Dry Ice Production and Blasting

    Continuously produce dry ice pellets directly into the pellet tank of the dry ice blasting unit. From there, the dry ice pellets are transported through a distribution system to one or more blasting applicators or robots.

  • Continuous Operation

    Designed for a non-stop operation in the most demanding environments.

  • Proprietary Sub Cooling Technology

    Highest conversion factor on the market.

  • Cold Jet CONNECT®

    Remotely monitor, diagnose and implement corrective action from any location.

COMBI 350H Features

  • Optional distribution system to facilitate the connection of several blasting guns
  • Optional integration in plant control units and automation processes
  • The dry ice pellets available for blasting are always freshly produced
  • CO2 consumption is reduced since only the dry ice quantity required is produced

COMBI 350H Specifications

  • Dimensions 59" x 39" x 71" (250 x 100 x 180 cm)
  • Weight 2204 lbs (1500 kg)
  • Nozzles

    A wide and dynamic line of the industry’s most technologically advanced and efficient nozzles.

  • Hoses

    A complete range of flexible and durable air and blast hoses.

  • Additional Accessories

    Enhance your cleaning experience with accessories that make blasting easier.

COMBI 350H Upgrades

Customize the COMBI 350H for your needs


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