Cold Jet MicroParticle Technology

Patented, shaved dry ice MicroParticle technology provides the most thorough clean for many applications. By shaving dry ice media into the finest MicroParticles, more particles enter the air stream and strike the surface per second than traditional methods, quickly removing the contaminant and providing the fastest clean. The sugar-sized, shaved MicroParticles will enter the hardest-to-reach places and are small and delicate enough to pass through sensitive materials (like vents) for a thorough clean without worry of damaging the surface.

The Basics:

  • More particles striking the surface = Faster and easier clean
  • Smaller particles = Thorough clean that is precise and safe
  • More particles + smaller particles = Less air and ice required for the more thorough clean

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XP Total User Experience Accessories

With decades of trusted global leadership and thousands of unique solutions installed worldwide, we continue to leverage the breadth and depth of our application and customer understanding to drive new product and solution developments. With our latest development, we have focused our efforts on your needs.

“Our customers asked for an improved user experience and we delivered with our new accessories, designed to prioritize ergonomics, safety and ease of use,” said Brian Allen, Global ECaSP Brand Manager. “Our newest accessories include the Performance Applicator, 8 foot and 20 foot Silicone Blast Hoses, Precision Kit and SureFlow Quick Disconnect Fittings.”

For the end user, Cold Jet accessories provide: added ergonomics and reduced weight, facilitating a longer, more comfortable user blast cycle; improved hose flexibility and bend radius, enabling the end user to more comfortably clean overhead and at harsh angles; patented SureFlow technology with quick disconnect fittings, providing faster start-up and shut-down and reducing downtime; surpassed global safety standards with the addition of visible and tactile indicators, sealed switches and multi-step functions; increased reliability due to passing the most stringent stress tests, allowing for overall asset savings and equipment longevity; and an overall improved return on investment for the end user.

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Tech Tips

Tony Lehnig, Vice President of Technology

Cold Jet carries four main dry ice cleaning applicators intended to optimize performance and ergonomics for the multitude of established dry ice cleaning applications. These applicators have functional options that are part of – or can be added to – Cold Jet’s product line, allowing for the best set-up for the end user’s given application.

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Customer Service

Darren George, Director of Customer Service

Have you had a maintenance check on your Cold Jet dry ice cleaning system in the past 12 months? Is it your goal to keep your system at optimum performance?

Cold Jet can assist you in this objective by providing service to your equipment. We can increase the reliability and performance of your system, minimize unplanned downtime and ensure the safety of your equipment so that it will be ready for use at any time.

Contact us at [email protected] or 800-777-9101 to schedule an on-site service evaluation or to schedule to have your machine shipped to one of our North American locations:

  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Monterey, Mexico

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Redesigned Website

Cold Jet’s website has been redesigned for a better user experience. You can now easily find your industry and application solutions, watch dry ice cleaning videos and learn more about our products and services.

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National Geographic launched a new series, Showdown of the Unbeatables, and Cold Jet was one of the featured companies.

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Cold Jet was also featured on Cool Tools and Modern Marvels. Click below to view our segments on each.

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