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An equation that makes sense

Making your own dry ice blocks on demand has never been easier. The revolutionary new i³ IcePress makes superior quality block dry ice from pellets, nuggets and/or scrap dry ice in under three minutes per block. Impressive.

See the IcePress in action.

Ice and Easy

The i³ IcePress reforms even poor dry ice into high quality block in four easy steps:

  1. open the lid
  2. pour in your ice
  3. close the lid, and
  4. flip the switch...

Yes, it's that easy!

Block ice: whenever, wherever.

Small, mobile and easy to use, the i³ IcePress is the perfect companion for your i³ MicroClean, SDI-5, or T2 dry ice blasting system - or for any other dry ice block need you have. Just add ice and compressed air - the fully pneumatic i³ IcePress does the rest.

Make as little as you need or as much as you want (up to 20 blocks per hour) wherever you are.

i³ IcePress - Prepare to be impressed!