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2005-07-01 - Cold Jet Announces Launch of Revolutionary New Cleaning System

Cold Jet Announces Launch of Revolutionary New Cleaning System
High-velocity projection of dry ice made from recycled carbon dioxide eliminates hazardous chemicals, secondary waste streams, disassembly and downtime for even the most precise, complex and delicate cleaning applications.

LOVELAND, Ohio - Cold Jet LLC, the world's leading provider of environmentally-responsible dry ice cleaning technology, is introducing its new i3 technology platform with the launch of the i³MicroClean.

The i³MicroClean is a revolutionary new precision cleaning system that projects dry ice particles shaved from blocks to thoroughly clean small, deep and/or complex cavities, molds and crevices that other methods cannot reach. It also cleans small, delicate surfaces faster than traditional methods and without abrasion or disassembly.

The i³MicroClean capitalizes on Cold Jet's patented shaved ice and feeder technologies to deliver a complete cleaning outcome with an unmatched low cost of ownership.

Unlike any other blast system available today, the i³MicroClean's low air and ice consumption provides for cost-effective and almost noise-free operation. It is, like all other Cold Jet systems, ergonomic and intuitive, easy to operate, fast, effective and proven reliable. It also utilizes a readily available blast medium: block dry ice.

The use of recycled CO2 either reduces or completely eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals. It also eliminates secondary waste streams as the dry ice particles disappear on impact.