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2008-11-01 - FLEXO Magazine's Technologies & Techniques article, "Cleaning Goes Cold"

Dry Ice Blasting Offers Opportunities in Maintenance

Flexographic printers/converters are driven by the need to reduce energy, material and labor costs, as well as to meet environmental regulations and consistently deliver quality products faster. It is no secret that printers only make money when their presses are being used. It is also no secret that printing can be a dirty job, so removing the dry ink, grease, oil coatings and other ink additives and contaminants from the various parts of the presses is critical to ensure optimal performance and to prolong equipment life. Unfortunately, the most common methods of cleaning printing presses are time consuming, stall production, and do not always completely remove inks, grease and other contaminants from the equipment.

For the full story, please read the article from FLEXO Magazine, November 2008.