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2005-09-01 - IFMA Features Cold Jet for Mold Remediation

IFMA, the International Facility Management Association, has run a story on their website that features Cold Jet's Mold Remediation Dry Ice Blasting System as a solution for Mold Removal. The article ran on August 4th, 2005 to inform their members of the exciting alternative to their current cleaning method, dry ice blasting, that is taking the restoration industry by storm. IFMA is the largest and most widely recognized professional association for facility management, supporting approximately 17,300 members.

The Association's members are represented in 126 chapters, 16 councils and one Special Interest Group (SIG), in 54 countries worldwide. Globally, IFMA certifies facility managers, conducts research, provides educational programs, recognizes facility management degree and certificate programs and produces World Workplace, the largest facility management-related conference and exposition.

Check out the story they ran on Cold Jet, you'll have a blast! click here: IFMA