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Robotic automation

Robot-based automatic cleaning systems reduce manual labor, increase cleaning efficiency and consistency, and can provide a 100% automatic CO2 blast cleaning environment.

Systems can be created using combinations of: sealed cleaning booth, servo-controlled turntable fixtures, integrated dry ice blasting system, liquid CO2 tank, piping, effluent capture exhaust system with filters, and a master controller.

Cold Jet has implemented robotic automation systems in multiple industries. If you would like to discuss your specific automation needs, please Contact Us.

Automated Cleaning Booth

Cold Jet Automated Cleaning Booth

This Automated Cleaning Booth has been designed for dry ice cleaning applications that require repetitive spraying on similar sized parts, hour after hour, all week long. This booth is a quiet, sound-proof enclosure with advanced micro-particle filtration and effluent capture system to collect or reclaim the contaminant being removed.

Unique Features:

  • External noise below 80 dBA
  • Fully integrated safety circuits and E-stops
  • Double-glazed viewing window plus cabinet workspace lighting
  • Positive pressure cabinet design
  • Can be used with compressed air or nitrogen as blast propellant
  • Nozzle path motion accomplished with off-the-shelf, easy to program and use, multiple axis industrial robot mounted inside the cabinet
  • Cabinet can be constructed with slide-out trays, or a variety of parts loading and parts fixture devices depending on the application
  • Uses any of Cold Jet's single-hose blasting systems, or can be part of a Cold Jet integrated system with Pelletizer, blasting unit, and the cabinet combined
  • Custom designed air handling and filtration
  • Glove-box version available for manual blasting
  • Cold Jet's single-hose blasting unit can be detached for use elsewhere in your plant when the cabinet is not in service

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