Integrated Dry Ice Blasting Systems

Automated systems for continuous cleaning processes

Integrated blasting systems are cost effective solutions that provide superior cleaning performance and minimal space requirements. The systems enable continuous, uninterrupted and fully automated or semi-automated operation.

A solution engineered to your exact needs

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Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Maintain high quality standards while improving productivity

The unique benefits of dry ice make it the perfect cleaning media for plastics processors.

  • Improved part quality
  • reduce Production downtime
  • Clean in-place – no-disassembly required
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We saw an immediate effect on our CO2 ratio from 2.4:1 now to 1.35:1. Profit, production capability, and overall company performance is greatly improved.

Richard Nimmons
Carbon Capture Scotland


Young Timer社 オーナー


Enthusiast Auto Group創始者

Under the current Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP), dry ice blasting is not required to report.

Federal Register
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Due to the fact the dry ice is recycled CO2, it will not contribute to your greenhouse gas score. In the calculation of a carbon footprint, CO2 is accounted for at the producer level. It is not counted a second time at the point of use.

California Air Resources Board

You can turn it up or turn it down and it goes as deep or as minimally evasive as you want,” he said. “And you get a much better, cleaner finished product. It can go in deeper on a more heavily corroded undercarriage, and it’s going to allow us to remove more of that in not only an economic, but a safe way too. We’re not using a bunch of heavy detergents and scrubbing on it.

Eric Keller
Founder | Enthusiast Auto Group

This is the most revolutionary technology I’ve come across in years. It’s a perfect fit in this industry. It’s perfect if you’re going to present anything that’s used online for sale.

Scott Ales
Owner | YoungTimer, LLC

It’s at least twice as fast, if not faster. With dry ice cleaning, as soon as you hit the build-up, it flies off. The drivers of the trucks love it because it’s much cleaner and they have less problems, such as the nozzles clogging. It’s cost effective, the clean-up is so much easier, it’s safer and it’s environmentally friendly.

Howie Wirkus
Project Manager | National Industrial

ドライアイス洗浄導入により、洗浄時間を約98%削減しました。600㎜メルトブローン金型にあるスピナレットという穴に樹脂が蓄積してしまうのですが、従来では10~20時間かけて洗浄していました。Cold JetのMicro Cleanでは同じ洗浄工程が12~20分で行えます。

Tianjin RENYI Industrial Co., Ltd.

We have reduced cleaning time by 98% with dry ice blasting. Die cleaning previously took 10-20 hours to clean polypropylene from a 600mm melt-blown die spinneret holes. By utilizing Cold Jet’s MicroParticle dry ice, we clean the mold in 12 to 20 minutes.

Production Manager
Tianjin RENYI Industrial Co., Ltd.

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