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2005-03-01 - Cold Jet Now Offers All-Inclusive Rental Systems

Cold Jet is pleased to announce the availability of complete dry ice blasting rental systems. In addition to being the recognized leader in the sales and manufacturing of dry ice blasting systems, Cold Jet offers their one-of-a-kind systems as rentals to those potential customers that do not have the need for ownership of the system.

These dry ice blasting systems are application specific. Cold Jet's customer service representative will take great care in assessing your cleaning needs in order to determine the perfect system to achieve your desired results. Although rental customers do not require a capital purchase for ownership of the systems, they are still important to Cold Jet. An all-inclusive package will be developed around your unique cleaning needs. These packages will include a dry ice blasting machine, an air supply hose, a blast hose with control cable, a blast applicator, and two interchangeable nozzles.

Cold Jet has developed weekly and monthly rental rates for our blasting systems to facilitate your needs and preferences. To get you started, Cold Jet will ensure that the appropriate amount of dry ice will be delivered to your facility.

Rental customers are part of the Cold Jet family and therefore they have access to Cold Jet's top-notch customer support team. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with your rental system through our worldwide customer support team of experienced technicians. In addition, Cold Jet will be happy to recommend the appropriate accessories to maximize your system's dry ice blasting performance.

To learn more about Cold Jet's all-inclusive rental systems please call +1 800-337-9423 or email us at [email protected].