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2005-03-01 - Increase your Cold Jet Pelletizer's Dry Ice Production

Upgrade the Liquid CO2 Injection Valve on your P750, P1500 or P3000 Pelletizers for increased productivity from your machine. This new Liquid CO2 Injection Valve system with a single actuated ball valve offers a more robust design, which will reduce overall maintenance costs for the pelletizer. In addition, it will allow the machine to produce more dry ice than the older two-injector technology system.

The Liquid CO2 Injection Valve upgrade will allow the operator to adjust the amount of liquid CO2 flow into the extrusion cylinder compensating for varying pressure and gas content in the liquid supply line. As a result, the concern over the differing CO2 process line or storage tank operating pressures is a thing of the past. The operator will be able to adjust the CO2 flow to adapt to various pressures, whereas the older technology valve design was mechanically set at installation and required parts changes for later adjustments.

The new Liquid CO2 Injection Valve offers a more durable design and a more positive shutoff of liquid C02. This upgrade will solve the problems associated with leaks, preventing CO2 snow buildup behind the piston and long extrusion shutdowns. Old two-injector technology Pelletizers become inconsistent in their sealing ability as they accumulate operating hours, thereby allowing leakage.

In addition, the upgrade includes new exhaust collectors for the pelletizer. These new collectors are heavy-duty and provide protection against the possibility of ruptures from excessively high chamber pressures, or from high recovery system backpressures.

The Liquid CO2 Injection Valve upgrade will be completed at your facility by a Cold Jet technician, who can optimize your service call by providing your routine preventative maintenance as well. Contact Cold Jet's customer service team at 1-800-777-9101 to schedule your Liquid CO2 Injection Valve upgrade and increase your pelletizer's production and consistency of operation.


How much down time to install the upgrade?

About 2 hours for a P750, and 3 hours for a P1500

How much increase in production can I expect?

Up to 15% increase! - Depending on the facility's C02 piping configuration and quality of insulation.

Why is this system more reliable?

The Liquid CO2 Injection Valve upgraded system has demonstrated a reliable shutoff at the end of the fill cycle. This will reduce or eliminate the possibility of accumulating CO2 snow behind the piston resulting from long continuous run times.

Are there any other upgrades presently available?

Yes, there is a hydraulic pressure sensor that can be installed on "P" Series Pelletizers. Call Cold Jet Customer Support for further details.