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2008-10-06 - Cold Jet to Exhibit Full Line-up of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Systems at 2008 FABTECH International and AWS Welding Show

Leading manufacturer of dry ice blasting and production systems to provide live cleaning demonstrations throughout show

CINCINNATI - October 6, 2008 - Metal formers, manufacturers and welders from around the world will be introduced to Cold Jet's New Aero Series of dry ice blast cleaning systems at the 2008 FABTECH International and AWS welding show on October 6-8, 2008. The company's powerful and efficient cleaning system provides users with a fast, economical and environmentally responsible cleaning solution that allows them to reduce cleaning time and costs, increase productivity and enhance current green initiatives. At booth number 13195, Cold Jet will be displaying its complete line-up of dry ice blast cleaning systems and conducting live cleaning demonstrations using the patented i3MicroClean precision cleaning system.

The company's new Aero models include the electric-pneumatic Aero 40, Aero 80-DX and Aero 80-HP and the pneumatic-powered Aero C100.

  • The Aero 40 features a variable pellet feed, durable welded steel frame, sealed lubrication system and patented isolated hopper.
  • The Aero 80 series also includes a tilt-out hopper, trigger-activated hopper agitation, Super Multiplayer Insulation and flat-free wheels.
  • The Aero C100 Pneumatic is twice as fast and supports twice the hose length of previous pneumatics.

Each machine comes equipped with Cold Jet's patented SureFlow system, which prevents ice clogs for a non-stop, hassle free cleaning with advanced agitation and insulations.

"In today's manufacturing environments, companies are asking their employees to do more with less, and the FABTECH show provides an excellent opportunity for metal forming and fabricating professionals to learn about the latest industry technology and best practices from their peers," said Gene Cooke, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cold Jet, LLC. "Our Aero Series and MicroClean dry ice blast cleaning systems are helping manufacturers around the world to reduce the amount of time and resources required to maintain equipment, and eliminate abrasive methods and solvents that can be harmful to equipment and people. We are excited about the opportunity to share our innovative products with companies that are looking for the ultimate solution to their cleaning challenges."

The dry ice blast cleaning technology works by using recycled CO2 in the form of dry ice particles. The particles are accelerated through high-velocity nozzles to create mini-explosions on the surface being cleaned. The combination of the kinetic and thermal shock effects breaks the bond between the residue and the surface; which is then blasted away and easily removed. The dry ice particles vaporize upon impact, leaving no other cleaning by-product, therefore eliminating the added cost and inconvenience of secondary waste treatment and disposal.

Cold Jet systems effortlessly removes grease, sludge, sealants and weld slag from equipment, and since dry ice blast cleaning is a dry process, it is nonconductive making it safe to clean electronic components and allowing for equipment to be cleaned in place while still hot. This prevents lengthy production delays, cool down periods, and the possibility of damaging equipment which can happen during disassembly and transport.

About Cold Jet

Cold Jet, LLC is the world leader in dry ice blasting and production technology and green cleaning solutions. For more than 22 years, Cold Jet has been developing innovative cleaning solutions from fully automated systems and handheld devices to high-volume dry ice production equipment and customized engineered solutions that solve a variety of cleaning challenges around the world. Cold Jet offers the largest selection of environmentally responsible dry ice blasting machines, including the award-winning Aero Series and the i3 family of systems, which features the company's patented shaved ice and feeder technologies. The company's CO2 Pelletizers are used by every major gas company worldwide to produce the highest density extruded dry ice available. Cold Jet is a private company with headquarters in Loveland, Ohio and international operations in Belgium, Canada, China, Germany and Mexico.

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