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2008-10-28 - Cold Jet Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Systems Reduce Cleaning Costs for Printing Industry

New Aero Series systems promote environmentally responsible cleaning and help reduce cleaning time and costs

CINCINNATI - October 28, 2008 - Cleaning is a critical process in maintaining high quality printing output. Build-up of ink and grease can cause alignment problems with the press and result in low quality print speed while clogging of vent slots can cause uneven air flow coming through color box dryers resulting in reduced drying times. Unfortunately, conventional cleaning methods in the printing industry are time consuming, often taking between 20-30 hours per piece of equipment and frequently require maintenance crews to disassemble the press and clean parts by hand. The cleaning processes can also be abrasive and frequently use solvents that produce hazardous waste that must be disposed of properly.

The Cold Jet Aero Series of dry ice blast cleaning systems provide printers with an alternative, environmentally responsible cleaning process that helps eliminate abrasion and secondary waste, decrease scrap, and reduce downtime and labor costs. The Aero systems include the electric-pneumatic Aero 40, Aero 80, Aero 80-DX and Aero 80-HP, and the pneumatic-powered Aero C100, which cleans twice as fast as other pneumatic systems on the market.

"With a Cold Jet cleaning system, cleaning time can be reduced from 20-30 hours per piece of equipment to less than two hours," said Gene Cooke, CEO of Cold Jet, LLC. "Cleaning can be done while the press is still hot, and the blasting process can reach areas that are simply too difficult to reach without taking equipment apart. Cleaning can also be done more frequently, which will help in maintaining high-quality output, and as a result of eliminating solvents and water, printers will have less waste to manage. The time and productivity savings combined with less waste management and cleaning supplies directly translates into real dollars as printers can spend more time printing and less time cleaning."

Cold Jet's dry ice blasting systems use non-abrasive dry ice pellets that won't damage printing drums, ink trays, rollers, vents or presses. The dry ice pellets create mini-explosions on the surfaces being cleaned, lifting away dirt and contaminants. Unlike conventional scraping methods and chemical solvents, dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and does not leave any secondary waste, as the dry ice pellets or particles sublimate - convert from solid to gas - upon impact. Dry ice blasting is also safe and non-toxic, does not create downstream contamination, and reduces or eliminates employee exposure to hot equipment or dangerous chemical cleaning agents.

About Cold Jet

Cold Jet, LLC is the world's leading manufacturer of dry ice blasting and production solutions. For more than two decades, Cold Jet has been developing innovative cleaning solutions from fully automated systems and handheld devices to high-volume dry ice production equipment and customized engineered solutions that solve a variety of cleaning challenges around the world. Cold Jet offers the largest selection of environmentally responsible dry ice blasting machines, including the award-winning Aero Series and the i3 family of systems, which features the company's patented shaved ice and feeder technologies. The company's CO2 Pelletizers are used by every major gas company worldwide to produce the highest density extruded dry ice available. Cold Jet is a private company with headquarters in Loveland, Ohio and international operations in Belgium, Canada, China, Germany and Mexico. For more information, visit