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2004-11-01 - Gypsum Board

Application Characteristics:

When the Gypsum is being crushed, it creates a powdery dust and settles on machinery. One manufacturing location will produce 1.2 million sq ft of product build-up/day.

When Gypsum is mixed with liquid and formed into wallboard, some of the compound leaks out and onto the conveyor rollers, bearings and motors. The compound will then dry and form cement like characteristics causing extreme wear and contamination on these parts and could create a jam, which would cause an immediate back-up.

Cleaning Method:

Rollers, bearings and motors have typically been cleaned by hand chipping and sometimes using a pressure washer. The pressure washer does not effectively remove the contaminant due to the fact that with a pressure washer you are just adding water back into the equation and therefore, the problem starts all over again.

Dry Ice blast cleaning:

Dry ice blasting drastically reduces clean-up time.

Dry ice does not soften the mixture once it has hardened allowing it to re-adhere to the rollers, bearings, and motors.

The Dry Ice blast machine can be used on a daily basis to control dust and product contamination.

Recommended Blast Machine:

AeRO 75 with a variety of nozzles (523 Stealth, 523 SF.2, 223 SL, MS-136)