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2016-06-09 - Dry Ice Conference – Dealer & CO2 Application Information days

Cold Jet is very excited about their recent Dry Ice Conference – Dealer & CO2 Application Information days event, which took place 7-8 and 9 June in Denmark.

The goal of the conference was to bring together all Cold Jet and IceTech partners and to introduce them to ‘two brands. one mission.”  

At the conference, Cold Jet had a complete lineup of their Environmental Cleaning and Surface Preparation Systems and also showed several Pelletizers and Integrated Systems from their Dry Ice Product line.  Cold Jet also highlighted two new systems that they will launch later this year. More info on these will follow in the coming weeks on Cold Jet’s website.

The conference included interesting presentations about Cold Jet products, key industries/applications and some successful case studies. In addition, there was time for practical group sessions to experience the latest advancements in the dry ice technology.

The evenings were filled with networking opportunities for industry peers and partners from the gas world industry.  Please read on for some comments from attendees:

“The Cold Jet Dry Ice conference was extremely informative. I learned a lot from the presentations and the workshops. It is always interesting to speak to other dealers, to see and understand how they grow their business and to learn in which industries they are active.” – Evangelos Varvaros, Managing Director of Ensen.

“Most interesting for me was the networking part, to speak to Cold Jet experts and their distribution
partners in the Dry Ice sector. The Dry Ice business is key to our overall business strategies even more after the important acquisition of the CO2 business in Europe. Therefore, we are interested to learn more about Cold Jet's dry ice cleaning and production systems and to have a good, long-standing relationship between our companies.” –
Sebastian Gollas, Sales & Application Manager Cylinder Gases Germany/Benelux, Praxair Deutschland GmbH

“It was a pleasure to join the Cold Jet conference in Denmark. It was an ideal opportunity to further strengthen the long lasting relationship of Linde with the new two brands company Cold Jet and IceTech. Impressive range of pelletizers and dry ice blasters will offer a wide scope of new opportunities in the near future.” - Martin Blanke, Project Manager Cryogenics, Linde AG

“The venue was extremely nice, the prefect location for this type of event. It is great to be part of this interesting event and remarkable group of likeminded individual, who have the same goal to grow the dry ice business by distributing premium brand products.” – Lorenzo De Lorenzi, Senior Product Manager, SOL Italy.

Cold Jet wants to thank their partners from all over the world, for their attendance, participation and feedback during the conference. We look forward to continue working with each one of you to grow and strengthen our industry, to extend existing business and to develop new applications for a better tomorrow.