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2014-09-04 - Cold Jet Provides a Better User Experience

User Feedback Leads to New Accessories, Website and Newsletter 

With decades of trusted global leadership and thousands of unique solutions installed worldwide, Cold Jet® – the global leader in environmental cleaning and surface preparation (ECaSP) solutions – continues to leverage the breadth and depth of their application and customer understanding to drive new product and solution developments.  Cold Jet’s latest developments include new accessories, updated corporate website and reformatted company newsletter – all designed to focus on the needs of the end user.

“Our customers asked for an improved user experience and we delivered with new accessories, designed to prioritize ergonomics, safety and ease of use,” said Brian Allen, Global ECaSP Brand Manager.  “Our newest accessories include the Performance Applicator, 8 foot and 20 foot Silicone Blast Hoses, Precision Kit and SureFlow Quick Disconnect Fittings.”

For the end user, Cold Jet accessories provide: added ergonomics and reduced weight, facilitating a longer, more comfortable user blast cycle; improved hose flexibility and bend radius, enabling the end user to more comfortably clean overhead and at harsh angles; patented SureFlow technology with quick disconnect fittings, providing faster start-up and shut-down and reducing downtime; surpassed global safety standards with the addition of visible and tactile indicators, sealed switches and multi-step functions; increased reliability due to passing the most stringent stress tests, allowing for overall asset savings and equipment longevity; and an overall improved return on investment. 

Cold Jet also launches a new corporate website and industry-focused newsletter, both redesigned for a better user experience. The end user can now easily navigate Cold Jet’s website to find solutions and tools tailored to their specific needs. The company newsletter has also been updated to focus on industry trends and events and will be distributed quarterly.