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2013-01-04 - Cleaning Equipment with Dry Ice

Considered to be a safer, more efficient way to clean equipment in place

For many years, water, cleansers and other chemicals usually have been the traditional methods chosen for cleaning equipment inside a facility.

However, there is an alternative method that utilizes special equipment to apply dry ice directly to equipment in need of cleaning.

The dry ice cleaning application system is comprised of four basic components: a compressed-air supply, a source of dry ice, a standard 110-volt electric power source and a Cold Jet dry ice cleaning machine, which is the most essential part of the system.

These portable and rugged systems, which can be purchased, leased, or rented, are designed for both industrial applications and contract cleaning. Their performance can be optimized by adjusting the compressed air pressure, choice of nozzle type, dry ice pellet size, density, and feed rate.

This dry-ice cleaning process offers a quicker, safer, more efficient, and more effective way to clean equipment for a variety of reasons.

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