2010 Small Business and Jobs Act Calculator

How much is it costing you if you don't purchase in 2010?

US Small Business and Jobs Act of 2010

  • Click here to download our handout of what the US Small Business and Jobs Act of 2010 could mean to you.
  • Use your Cold Jet quote or proposal amount below (obtained from your Sales Representative) to estimate just how much money you can save by purchasing your Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment before December 31, 2010. If you do not have a Cold Jet quote, please contact us to request one.

Calculation of Section 179 Deduction
(Depreciation Tax Credit for First $500,000 Purchase of Equipment)
Maximum 2010 Section 179 Tax Credit Allowed $500,000
YTD Capital Purchases before purchases from Cold Jet
(ex: Enter 50000 for $50,000)
Amount Still Eligible for Section 179 deductions 50000
2010 Purchase amount from Cold Jet
(ex: Enter 50000 for $50,000)
Amount of Cold Jet purchase available for Section 179 50000
Bonus Depreciation Calculation
(Currently Scheduled to Expire 12/31/10)
Remaining Cold Jet purchase cost after Section 179 0
% Bonus Depreciation (Expires 12/31/2010) 50.00%
2010 Bonus Depreciation on purchase 0
Remaining Depreciable Basis 0
7 Year Equipment Straight Line Depreciation 14.29%
Additional First Year Std Depreciation allowed 0
Total 2010 Depreciation
Total Depreciation Allowable for 2010 50000
Regular Depreciation
(To be fair, let's subtract what you'd get anyway)
2010 Purchase from Cold Jet 50000
7 Year Equipment Straight Line Depreciation 14.29%
Total Regular Allowable Depreciation 14286
2010 Tax Savings
Additional Depreciation Allowable in 2010
(Reduction in Taxable Income)
(Equals: Total depreciation - Regular depreciation)
Company Tax Rate (ex: Enter 0.35 for 35%)
2010 Additional Tax Savings 30000
Savings as % of Purchase Price 30.00%

Note: This does not constitute tax, legal, or other advice from Cold Jet, LLC, which assumes no responsibility with respect to assessing or advising you as to tax, legal or other consequences arising from your particular situation. Contact your tax professional to see how the Economic Stimulus Act applies to you.