Dry Ice Production Applications

Producing Dry Ice for Resale

Diversify your business by producing dry ice for resale 

Dry ice is used in a variety of applications in a wide range of industries. From a cooling media in cold chain management to a blasting media in dry ice cleaning, dry ice has significant demand. Producing dry ice for resale offers your business another revenue generating opportunity.

scoop full of dry ice
dry ice production for cold chain management
dry ice production for cold chain management
dry ice production for cold chain management
dry ice production for cold chain management
dry ice production for cold chain management
dry ice production for cold chain management
dry ice production




Dry ice has a large demand for commercial applications

  • Food transport and storage
  • Food processing (meat, bakery, wine making)
  • Laboratory, research and biomedical supply
  • Dry ice blasting
  • E-commerce
  • Shrink metal fitting
  • Airline catering
  • Individual consumer use
  • Pressurizing and inerting

Benefits of Dry Ice Production

Meet your customers’ demand for dry ice

Cold Jet systems provide the ultimate flexibility to meet dry ice demand. Our systems enable you to produce dry ice in various quantities and forms, including slabs, pellets and nuggets. This enables your business to meet the varying dry ice needs of your customers, both large and small.


  • Produce various forms of dry ice (slabs, pellets and nuggets)
  • Create new revenue stream
  • Many applications of dry ice
  • Wide range of production capacities at lowest cost
  • Easy to use, fully automated machines
  • Automatic change extruder plates allows for quick production changes
  • Compact footprint
  • Cold Jet CONNECT®Remotely monitor, diagnose and implement corrective action

Case Studies

Onsite dry ice production for resale has created new revenue streams for our customers

  • Dry Ice Production

    Welding supply company finds success in producing and distributing dry ice

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See what other Cold Jet customers are saying

The Cold Jet dry ice production equipment produces the purest dry ice available.

Pat Garten
President and CEO | Sutton-Garten

We are very satisfied from the first contact up to date. The employees at Cold Jet were very professional and helpful. We are finally able to respond to requests for flexibility from our customers and produce according to their dry ice needs.

Alf Collins
Managing Director | KSD

We work in different shifts so the pelletizer will be operated by several employees. The old pelletizer was not user-friendly and an error by the operator or possible damage was inevitable. We no longer have this problem with the new pelletizer. This is a very important point in practice.

Werner Fiedler
KS Aluminum-Technologie GmbH
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