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Cold Jet Culture

Cold Jet

Cold Jet is a great place to work, as evidenced by the long tenure of our employees. Why do our employees continue to devote their time, energy and initiative to Cold Jet?

Read on and find out...

Top Reasons to Work for Cold Jet

Market Dominance

Cold Jet is the only company that has been in the dry ice technology industry for more than 20 years. As the industry leader, we are continually raising the bar in our chosen markets, making us the best at what we do.


Cold Jet's superior product performance is built on innovative technology. Cold Jet has set the industry standard in dry ice blasting and production equipment since 1986. Cold Jet's engineering expertise, value-driven technology and application solution experience have allowed us to pioneer, improve and offer the highest quality and most diverse line of dry ice blasting and production products in the world.


We have earned double-digit growth rates over the past five years, reflecting the applied, collective energy of our people. Moreover, it is indicative of the growth experienced and expected from our employees. The global market potential for our products is significant and we anticipate future demand that will challenge our talent and energy.

Financial Opportunity

Initiative, hard work and achievement are attributes that Cold Jet values and does not let go unnoticed. Those that perform and produce results are rewarded, financially and professionally.

Career Opportunity

Cold Jet is an entrepreneurial company. It is an ideal setting for those looking to explore their career options by taking part in projects and team efforts that far surpass an individual job description. Most individuals who join Cold Jet neither leave nor stagnate, but grow into roles and seek ambitions which leverage talents and initiative in ways not previously contemplated. The opportunities are limitless for those that take part in steering the company to success and driving the company to further growth.


At Cold Jet, we enjoy what we do and take pride in doing it well. Our culture fosters energy and an excitement about our jobs and the company as a whole. These attributes translate into success, both professionally and personally.


Cold Jet is managed by a knowledgeable and experienced team of dynamic and dedicated professionals, working towards a clear vision. Through their leadership, individuals and teams achieve challenging and focused goals, fostering personal achievement and loyalty to a company that values a job well done.


Our products make the world a better place by offering cleaning solutions that are not damaging to the environment. Dry ice is a safe, non-toxic cleaning media that meets USDA, FDA and EPA guidelines. Compared to cleaning methods that use caustic chemicals or other types of blast particulate, dry ice requires no disposal or environmental hazard precautions. On impact, the dry ice does the work, sublimates, and simply returns to the atmosphere. All that remains for disposal is the contaminant that was removed.

Informal Atmosphere

At Cold Jet, we take our work seriously, but we keep our work style informal and open. We keep things casual, from the relaxed dress code to open and frequent interaction with all departments and all levels of the organization.