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The most reliable, durable and advanced dry ice blasting machines in the world

Cold Jet machines are designed using our best-in-class, proprietary technology that provides the lowest cost of ownership and the quickest return on investment.

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Which dry ice blaster works best for you?

  • Smart Dry Ice Blasters

    Digitally fine-tune blasting parameters for your specific application

  • Pellet Dry Ice Blasters

    For applications where a more aggressive cleaning method is needed

  • MicroParticle Dry Ice Blasters

    For applications that require a more delicate cleaning

  • Specialty Dry Ice Blasters

    For the unique applications that require special features


    Fully pneumatic machine

How to Buy Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

The Cold Jet Difference

Our machines are designed to provide unique benefits

  • Particle Size Variation From dry ice blocks, 3mm pellets, to 0.3mm particles and every size in between
  • Ease of use Not only are our blasters the most technologically advanced, but they’re also the easiest to use
  • Efficient Maximise air pressure and dry ice supply
  • SureFlow System Designed to keep dry ice moving efficiently
  • Durability & Mobility Built to withstand rough environments and extensive use
  • Ergonomic Engineered and designed with user comfort in mind
  • Patented Nozzle Technology Wide and dynamic line of the industry’s most technologically-advanced and efficient nozzles
  • Patented Feeder Technology Maximises dry ice particle integrity and velocity

The SDI Select 60 performed wonderfully. I did not have access to high-pressure air at this worksite, but the possibility of performing three different types of dry ice cleaning (dry ice dusting, traditional and high-pressure) with one machine is very compelling for us. It was especially convenient to be able to place the SDI Select 60 outside of our containment because it simplified loading the dry ice into the machine.

Randell Heath
Founder and Owner | Coldsweep, Inc.

I taught the staff how to operate the i3 MicroClean in less than 20 minutes. Previously, a specially trained staff was required for tool cleaning and now it can be done easily by anyone. This is a significant advantage on the weekend, especially during the continuous shift system.

Stefan Preller
Director of Manufacturing Industrialization | A. Raymond GmbH & Co. KG

With the Aero 80FP, we found a solution that makes cleaning more efficient and employee-friendly and helps us to optimize product quality, safety and economics.

Kevin Zalewski
Operations and Maintenance Manager | Fritz Jaspert KG

I like the dry ice cleaning process and the Cold Jet machine couldn’t be any more user-friendly. It’s fast and effective and saves a lot of time on the cleanup. I would absolutely use it again.

Mark Jones
President | U.S. Flood Team

Cold Jet’s dry ice blasting systems are more efficient with relation to the quality of the clean, and the speed has improved our business.

László Koncsek
Lean Specialist | Electrolux

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